Today is a memorable day, especially for Ah Lo. He’s been playing basketball for 2-1/2 seasons now, over 20 games, but never scored once. Today, he broke the dry record and made 3 shots! Yes, 3 shots! The first shot he made, he turned to me and beamed. Then came the second and the third (swoosh). His team ended up winning for the first time with a score of 12 vs. 8. He made 6 points out of the 12. This win surely gave him (and the team) a boost of confidence. On our ride home, he said, “now I know what it feels like to win, it’s an awesome feeling.” I hope he remembers this feeling since I didn’t capture it on video!

DSC_4450 copy

Dai Bee also played his best game today. Though he didn’t make any shots, but he has improved so much each game he played. He made great passes, handled defensive rebounds, and took on a more aggressive approach on the offensive side.

So proud of these boys!