This poem came to me in class because I drew a lily. It reminded me of how delicate flowers can be. I know this is a really long poem, but I think you’ll like it. Enjoy!

I wonder how Mother Earth could have such a delicate being as the lily.

Its pink pedals lay on the lily pad as it gently floats down the river.

The wind shall not stop it, for the lily shall merrily calm it down.

The water simply cannot do anything to the lily but push it’s current to help the gentle and priceless lily move.

Humans? They have no effect whatsoever.

It lies in the middle of Mother Earth’s heart, where it shall be untouched forever.

It is the only reason why calmness and joy are emotions.

It spreads through biotic organisms giving the emotions calm and joy.

It is as pure as crystal, as glamorous as ever, like millions of sparkling jewels and rubies in the sunset.

I say that all the creations from man-kind were built to honor the lily.

Wars ended when the lily went to react.

This lily was planted when Mother Earth was born itself.

It is even older than me some say.

They were many legends and stories about the lily, but none can prove that it is true… except for I, the sun.

I have watched form above as the lily’s pedals open and reveal the beautiful lily.

I watched as the lily’s pedals fall off, counting how old the lily is.

As they fell off, a new pedal grew back within an hour.

The lily is truly the greatest thing… on Earth