Dai Bee’s English teacher will be on paternity leave soon. Before he leaves, I wanted to speak with him to see if there are any concerns. Dai Bee often expresses that he always needs to “put in work” in English compared to Math (where it always comes so natural to him). He feels his comprehension is not at par. Setting up a conference with his English teacher today might help answer some of his questions. I am super grateful he found the time for us to meet.

First he assured me that Dai Bee is doing excellent in his class. Always participates and fully engaged in discussions. He didn’t feel there was any way that Dai Bee has any issues with comprehending the materials they are studying. I was taken by surprise when his teacher pulled out test scores from last year. Dai Bee scored 99% and the top of his entire class. His SRI Index (independent reading assessment) showed he was way above reading level and his Lexile was over 1300.

The teacher further explained to us in reading, there are many layers – the literal comprehension and then the inferential comprehension. Does the reader understand the basic story line to answer who and what? Then they go deeper – how and why? The teacher also asked Dai Bee a questions about his concern. Dai Bee referred back to his SAT scores and said he didn’t so well (even I told him his score is phenomenal).

Dai Bee is doing fine all along. Nothing to worry about.