InstaTen…10 things currently happening in the house, Instagram style.


  1. Chinese school continues. Just recently, they finished learning the mandarin song 對面的女孩看過來。I had both boys memorize the lyrics and each recorded on my phone (for the pleasure of my ears only).
  2. Dai Bee loves reading National Geographic, one of his favorite magazines.
  3. Here is another lesson where I am teaching them the Chinese calligraphy, writing basic strokes.
  4. Both boys got their teeth checked. No cavities to report.
  5. Ah Lo finally caught on with the Rubik’s cube. He is now able to solve all sides. With a speed cube, Dai Bee’s best time is 33 seconds as of today.
  6. Volunteering during the Holidays.
  7. Boys sharing the basketball court.
  8. First time the boys tried the griddle cake which came with Country breakfast at Rusty’s. They prefer the good old pancake.
  9. Dai Bee is moving on the Rubik’s cube and now trying the more advanced one – 12-sided cube(?).
  10. A “yelp” account is set up for both boys so that they can write their own reviews when we try out new food.

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