Every year I walked some distance just to get “free” red envelopes from different banks. I would give those to my mom or my MIL. I don’t spend money buying them because, embarrassingly to say, I  recycle some of the red envelopes. There are also some I have retained from past years (they are still new). I usually keep them in a box where I store all these (new and lightly used) red envelopes. For some reason, the box went missing this year. Both Mr. Piggy and I flipped the house upside down but just couldn’t find it.

So instead of buying, I made them! Found a red envelope template online, slapped the design I wanted and printed. I cut out the envelopes while the boys folded them. Sure, they were moaning and groaning, but even teasing how cheap I was for not buying them. Secretly deep deep inside of me, I wished the box doesn’t show up so I can do this again with them next year.