Today Dai Bee competed at the MathCounts competition. It was such a looong day for it. We brought him there around 9am to register with his school. At round 10am, there was an orientation (which parents couldn’t be a part of). We left as soon his group got together and went back at 1:45pm. Between 10-1pm, there was a written test and the top 16 students will go to the final countdown round. There were at least 100 students representing different middle schools, and a few who were homeschooled.

Parents were allowed to sit in and watch in the auditorium when they had their final countdown round. Dai Bee didn’t make the cut, but he sat there to the end. He even tried to solve a few problems on the final round (since problems were projected on the screen for everyone). Each and every one of these kids are so amazingly gifted. They are quick and accurate with the answers, impressed us all.

I hope Dai Bee will take this as a valuable learning experience in school and in life. We’ll come back again.