Jam packed Saturday. Dragging myself and the rest of the gang out of bed at 7:15am on a weekend is always a challenge. We have a busy schedule today, starting with our Super 5k run (as a family). Hey, we managed. I had to shut off the moan and groan about running so early, getting up so early, blah blah blah…right about there, I tuned off the sound. We were there early and lucky to found a great parking spot.

The boys who were whining the whole morning ended up taking the lead and finished the race in 33 minutes.

IMG_1131 We even got a small “break” in between before we dropped off Dai Bee on his theory class. Sadly, he was the only one who present, so we were glad we could make it. Grabbed lunch right afters before Dai Bee heads to his Solo Ensemble Music Festival. He was chosen by his guitar teacher to play a more advanced piece with another kid in his class. They received a Superior-CP (Commanding Performance) rating (the highest possible). As soon as we got home, Mr. Piggy took them to swimming while I prepare the logistics for Ah Lo’s birthday party (with his friends) at home.

It was low key-pizza/movie themed birthday party. Surprisingly, only 3 of Ah Lo’s friends showed up. He invited 8, 1 couldn’t come because of a fever, 1 RSVP and said he’ll be here, but no show. The rest didn’t bother responding, even though they told him they were coming. Anyway, for me it was great to keep the party small, easier to control. For Ah Lo, it would have been better entertaining a couple more of course. However, the low turnout didn’t dampen his mood. He still had a great time with those who could come.