I wrote this poem one day because my mom said I can only use the iPad to write. So I wrote this.


As the sun trembled, rays of light shot out of the core.

Noises and squawks were heard on earth far away.

Cracks appeared in the core of the sun but nothing had changed on the outer layer.

Blue rays then shot out of the sun, then as quickly as it appeared, it faded away.

Red, orange, yellow beams shot out onto the planets, causing them to heat up to deadly temperatures, then back to normal.

Finally, on the sun, something burst out, causing stars to go shooting all over the place, and asteroids to burst out of the way.

A Phoenix was born! He flew threw earth, spreading heat to the Arctic.

With his pure blue eyes, he could see all the good and the bad on earth.

He merely plucked a feather, and dropped it on the perch he was on.

Instantly, the waves that were crashing became calm, the chaos everywhere was solved, and everything was quiet.

Only then did the people see his true identity as the sun’s offspring.

His feathers made of pure fire, burning the brightest flames, and his eyes, so sharp able to see every bad thing in the planet belt.

He circled Mother Earth and await for the chance to define his purpose with this God given power.