We recently started a writing club. The boys, the Girl and myself all participate in a group writing project. Ah Lo started the introduction. He does the bulk of the writing just because he has the most time (or anything that gets him away from video games). He is such a creative writer and does a wonderful job carrying on the story. The rest of us jumps on it to write a paragraph or two whenever we have time. We don’t discuss the characters or the plot offline. This gives the writers the imagination of where they want the story to be. We are now on our 6th page. Google docs is what we are using as our collaborative writing tool.

This is what Ah Lo started with…

Alex found himself lost in a wild dream where he was getting chased by lions and dragons, and his quest as a knight was to capture the evil lords of the land of Arden. His noble steed, Lightfire, was the quickest horse in all the county. “Sir Alex! Sir Alex!” a woman was calling him. Another lady in the need of help! He thought. The ground shook terribly, and he trembled as the ground shook vigorously once more. He woke up, only to realize that his mom was calling him.

“Sigh, I’ll never be able to continue the noble dream.”

“Hurry up Alex! You’ll be late for school!”


That put Alex into a grumpy mood for the rest of the day. By the time he got to school, it was 8:05 a.m.