Quite a day with activities, the usual sports practices and music. On top of it, I have 2 little ones with me in the morning and picking up 2 more in the afternoon. This actually works out great with our little project we have in mind.

This past week while walking Ah Lo to school, we talked about the earthquake in Japan. He said we should do something for the victims. We started to brainstorm what we can do. I came up with folding origami cranes. I told him this weekend would be a good weekend to get some help since I am babysitting most of his cousins anyway. I was responsible for getting the origami papers, while Ah Lo put together a small slideshow presentation to show his cousins the point of our little project.

After the slideshow, all the little ones watched a youtube video on how to fold paper cranes. We had an assembly line where the little ones did the first folding and the older ones finishing it off. There were giggling, sharing, joking and chatting during this 2.5 solid hours while each learned patience and perseverance as they fold the origami crane. I hope the time spent together tonight brings them a lifetime of sweet stories and lasting memories.