Not my kind of Sunday waking up at 7:30am, but again, this is what moms do for her kids.

Dai Bee expressed interest in learning to tune pianos. I started to research to see if there are any lessons he can take. There are some fee based online courses available, but not much options out there. We checked with his music theory teacher for recommendations. He gave us a name, who happens to work in the Conservatory of Music. Unfortunately, this piano tuner is on his way out, but was happy to show Dai Bee a thing or two (as a favor to Dai Bee’s Music Theory teacher).

That’s why we are here, at 8 am Sunday morning, because that’s the only time the piano tuner is available. He kept mentioning 5 minutes was all he got and that’s all we’ll get. But he went on and on, telling Dai Bee about the background and some history of the business. To consider oneself a pro, one must tune at least 600 pianos. It’s the type of business that you have to be all in or nothing. He gave Dai Bee some magazines and some materials he once used to teach to bring home. At the end, he was nice enough to bring us to the concert hall at the Conservatory. Dai Bee had a chance to play on the piano at the concert hall and enjoyed it tremendously.

After all the information presented to Dai Bee, I asked him if he’s still interested to learn to tune pianos. Yes, he is. We’ll see where we go from here.