Received an email from Dai Bee’s teacher late afternoon regarding Dai Bee letting a new kid in the class copy his homework. As a consequence, the teacher gave him a zero for that assignment and an “U” for grading period because cheating is not tolerated at all. This is the same teacher who accused him of “cheating” in the beginning of school year for knowing all the answers before she even asked them.

I know my kid. There must be some mixup with the facts. We are talking about a boy who wouldn’t cross the street at red light despite there were no moving vehicles in sight. The boy who pulls my hand to make a big u-turn instead of jay walk. The kid who rather walk than sit in a car without a booster (2 weeks before his 6th birthday, which was when kids can legally sit in a car without a booster). Yes, him cheating?! Nah…

I went home, asked him the usual, ‘how was school?’ Same, with a shrug. I asked again, “anything happened during school?” Neh was the reply. Apparently, he has forgotten about it. Then I was a more specific, “are you sure, anything happened during math?”

We both laughed. “Oh, that?” He then shared with me what happened: he was preoccupied at the time when his friend came over to ask him for his homework. Without much thought, he gave it to his friend. “I was just trying to be nice.” Somehow his homework was in the hands of this new student. He copied Dai Bee’s assignment verbatim and thus got caught. Though it was an innocent mistake, I explained to him there are other ways of being “nice.” If you want to help him out, you should have showed him how to do the work, instead of just hand over your work. The discussion was light, albeit he understood how this can become a serious issue.

I was not upset over it and he seemed pretty chilled about it. Even I think the consequence was a bit harsh especially it was his first offense and his intentions were not deliberate, I didn’t want to challenge the teacher’s decision. My only concern was whether the U will appear and affect his final academic transcript. After talking to his teacher, she reassured me it will not. In a way, I’m glad this incident happened now, at a young age. He will learn his lesson and will remember it.