Boys wet not too happy when I had to pull them out early from their basketball practice to attend a private school’s open house. I’ve always wanted to check this private school, who has a strong emphasis in Math. While talking to the parents and staff, I’ve learned so much about this school. It’s great for anyone who loves Math, who loves the nonstructural classroom learning style. Students learn by their ability, and not necessarily by grade or age. I love this idea because it challenges each kid at every level. The kids who volunteer at the fair all seemed happy and enjoyed the school life at this school. Besides the hefty price tag, this school does provide an intensive program for the mathematically gifted kid. However, my concern is that the school lacks other aspects of education – sports, art and music, foreign language, etc, which I think are just as important. It’s a small school which can be a good or a bad thing. Anyway, it was a great way to keep the boys entertained on different math problems and puzzles.