Boys participated and finished their first kids’ triathlon today. My goal is to encourage a healthy and positive attitude towards exercising and to instill confidence. From the very start when I brought up about this event, they were very resistant. They didn’t think they could do it. Seriously, if it weren’t my younger sister throwing it out there, I wouldn’t have dreamt of getting the boys to try it out. Sure, like everything else, they complained about it. At first, I enticed them by letting them know their cousins would also be going. Only to find out later, their cousin bailed (but I had already signed up for my boys.) In the following weeks, I pushed them back to the pool to get them ready. Louder cries now, but they still went for it. To motivate them even more, I even got myself back in the pool. We spent a couple of weekends biking around the park to get them “warmed up.”

On the day of, I really didn’t know what to expect. We got there early (even then, there were moaning and groaning and I chose to ignore it). Gave them the prep talk about going out there to have fun and enjoying the experience. They weren’t out their to compete with anyone (which gets rid of the pressure) but to compete themselves. After the race, both felt great about it. I was proud of both of them doing their best crossing the finish line. The overall vibe of this event was so positive and encouraging. Yes, we’ll be there again next year, except this time no pushing needed.