First time making beef tripe for dinner tonight. For those who don’t know, ginger scallion steamed beef tripe is one of the more popular dim sum dish in Chinese restaurants. It’s always on the Chef’s specials and you pay a hefty price for this dish.  I’ve cooked it once in college and I failed miserably. I’ve never tried it ever since. Last weekend I bought some honeycomb tripe to give it another try. They are cleaned and ready to use (saves me a lot of work!) I had planned to stir fry with garlic and black bean sauce only to find out I ran out of the sauce. Therefore, I went with plan B, which was to steam the tripe. Luckily I had some scallion and ginger to make the dipping sauce. This dish was super easy to make and it turned out just like the ones in restaurants. Just know that steaming it quickly is all you need to achieve the desired crunchy texture. It was the first to go amongst the three dishes I made that day.