For some reason, father’s day celebration is less regarded compared to Mother’s day, especially when it lands on the same day as the NBA Championship Game 7. The celebration has to be put off a side for a bit. During the day, I snuck out to have a lunch date with my friends from middle school, leaving Mr. Piggy and his boys. They had plans to do this and do that. One of them was biking (and a beautiful day to do so). They included my sister’s family to bike. However, the bike took longer than they expected since my nephew’s bike’s tire popped. With this, they didn’t get to do much, which was fine.


After the trip, they all went home and watched Game 7 of GS Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Though it was a bit disappointing Warriors didn’t get the bit win, but that doesn’t take away from their historically significant season. Just wish we could have capped it off with the win tonight. However, it was a lot of fun watching with the rest of my family.

Oh, and happy father’s day!