Dai Bee are seriously into Tom Clancy’s series lately. He’s gone through all these books and his favorite is the Jack Ryan, Jr. series. He did learn a thing or two about the spy world, CIA, history and even current events after reading those books. He checked out most, if not all, Tom Clancy’s books from the public library. Yesterday, he told us the last time he checked out a Tom Clancy’s book, a librarian told him he should get more control of his library card and not to let his parents (us) use them to check out books (assuming the adults are reading the Tom Clancy’s series). Dai Bee thought that was funny. Little does the librarian know. To all fairness, these books are not meant to be read by kid his age. He’s onto Robin Cook’s series now (books about bio tech world).


For Ah Lo, he’s hooked on to Angie Sage’s series. He’s on his third book now – Physik. It’s great when the boys find a good book, they are sucked into it entirely.