Today, our honeymoon is officially over. The boys are back from their camp! Mr. Piggy and I had such a great time that we are having this tradition of sending off the boys every summer.

Adding icing on the cake was to know the boys had a blast with this outdoor camp (besides an incident of bullying and bathroom condition). They enjoyed it very much and are already thinking of going back next year. Waking at 7am and going to bed at 10:15pm every day, their days were filled with activities – from riflery to archery, kayaking to crafting, they were busy for sure. Yes, even washing bathrooms was one of the activities they did in camp, which were done without much complaints.

On one night, Dai Bee even hiked up in the mountains with the big boys with just a backpack, cooked and slept there, the primitive way. Ah Lo was too young so he went back to the campsite before dark. I was worried the boys not drinking enough water or forgetting to apply suntan lotion. It turned out that every camper was responsible to bring their own water bottle. If they forget, they had to do 20 pushups. Camp leaders all made sure the campers lather their face with suntan lotion throughout the day. Kids also did the “walk of shame” when they put their elbow/hand on table, as this teaches them proper table manner, which i thought was great!

From their first meeting as strangers to leaving the group with friendships (as they hi-five each other bidding farewell), the boys and their fellow campers bonded so much during the 7-day camp. This camp not only educate boys on skills for outdoor living, but set a mission to inspire the next generation to become leaders. They have succeeded since Dai Bee told me he wants to become a counselor one day. This camp connects the younger generations with wildlife in the world we share through responsibilities and respect. Clearly, this was an unforgettable experience with memories that will last a lifetime.