This is our homemade version of mid-autumn festival dinner that I whipped up on a weeknight. The roasted pork, also home made by Mr. Piggy’s grandma, was super crunchy and amazingly delicious. I made vegetarian napa rolls and shrimp wrapped in fried tofu skin. Tomorrow is the real deal, a more traditional feast, but that’s going to be my in-laws.

Tomorrow is the actual mid-autumn festival, but there are actually 3 ways to celebrate it. Today we welcome the moon (迎月), tomorrow we are going to enjoy the moon (賞月), and the day after we will follow/chase the moon (追月)。Needless to day, the moon is the brightest on the festival day. The day before and after, there’s a tradition of welcoming the moon, appreciating the moon and sending off the moon on these respective days.img_4188