Two great news to share!

One is Ah Lo made it to the basketball team (same team as his cousin) he’s been trying out. I know that he wasn’t the best player who tried out, but he does have the height advantage. We’ve tried a few teams/leagues in the past, but most of these teams don’t have many serious players. With a straight losing streak, there were self doubts and discouragements which often lead to performance blocks. There were times he didn’t want to play at all. My sister invited him to practice with her son’s team last year. Though there’s plenty of room for improvement on this team, but I can see the commitment dedication in the coaches and families. The coaches not only foster positive attitude, they also believe in each player and his abilities, maximizes their talents, and make each contribute to the team. With this team, I hope Ah Lo can improve his basketball skills and grow with his team.


Next great news was today a letter came in the mail from “Creative Kids” Magazine. A few weeks ago, I started sending Ah Lo’s poems to kids’ magazines and various publications. I have totally forgotten about it. Today the letter came and said they would like to publish one of his poems called “The Golden Grand Piano.” I was ecstatic even when Mr. Piggy opened the letter and mentioned “what’s this Creative Kids?”  Anyway, hope this encourages him to write more.

“The Golden Grand Piano”

A blur of fingers moving on black and white,

notes spilling out as fast as raindrops falling,

slower and faster again,

louder and softer as it nears the end,

but no, turning the page,

another sheet of music,

a masterpiece of art written to inspire,

memorizing as I go,

making no mistakes,

and ending with perfection.