There’s a local wonton place in chinatown that I love to go, especially a chilly rainy day. They are quick and inexpensive, but don’t go for the service because you won’t get much. However, their wontons are tasty and addictive. While some like their wontons pumped up with shrimp, I like mine bite sized. I’m a regular there, but never tried buying (uncooked ones) and eating at home ($10 for 24 pieces). It tasted just as good as I had them in the restaurant.  Added some ramen noodles and yau choy (油菜), this came out delicious!img_4540

Chinese soup has always been an important part of our family meals. The boys asked for it every meal. Every week, I make a big old pot that will last 2-3 days. This week, I made chicken with coconut soup (椰子雞湯). It’s an unique taste that satisfies the sweet and savory cravings. img_4541