I still can’t get over the results of the 2016 presidential election, obviously it worries me tremendously. Though I’m very bothered by it, I am glad my 10-year old has given me a different perspective of this election:

Day after election when we discussed about the new president-elect, Ah Lo said, “maybe it’s not so bad because he’s new at this, and when you have someone new, you have the unpredictable factor. It can be bad, but it can also be good. Maybe he’ll bring something different to the government. It doesn’t matter what he said or what he did in the past, because that was the past. What matter is now, what he will do when he’s President.”

Then I thought, of course, that’s true when someone is with an institution for too long, he/she is too used to how things work. They are too comfortable with it and a bit hesitant to open up doors for other opportunities. That’s why firms hire new bloods so they can bring in different ideas and fresh minds to innovate and make a better change.

Today, on our walk to school, Ah Lo told me the class is selecting a class president who will represent the class to run for the school president (more of the primary election). There were two boys, a white kid (who happens to be his friend) and a black kid (who happens to bully Ah Lo last year). Both went up to the class and delivered their speech. Ah Lo was surprised to hear what a great speech the African-American kid gave. His friend, on the other hand, made a short speech and read from a sheet of paper. The African-American boy, though with a paper on his hand, memorized the long and thought out speech. At the end, I asked Ah Lo who he voted for. He told he voted for the African-American kid. I asked if he’s afraid his friend would be mad that he didn’t vote for him? Ah Lo replied, “I’m sure my friend will get a lot of votes, because he is the most popular boy in school. But I’m NOT voting for that reason, I voted because I heard what the African-American boy was saying.”

M heart melted when i heard that. This is exactly who we need to become our future voters. I am so proud of this little boy!  And happy to know I’m am doing something right raising him…