Met up with Ah Lo’s teacher today for parent-teacher conference. I look forward to these conferences every time, especially this year, with this teacher. His teacher is great because she not only pushes her kids to their abilities, but I love the fact that she”differentiates.” She not only teaches the academics – reading, math, etc, but also the social aspect – manners, being responsible, etc. He has demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility thus far, i.e. by getting me to sign forms, or produces higher quality homework to meet teacher’s expectations, etc. This is something beyond the classroom, and for this, we are extremely grateful that he can blossom under her guidance.

Academically, he exceeds expectations in all areas. We are so proud of our little guy!

His teacher’s comments: “It is such a pleasure to have this hardworking and respectful young man in my class.Ah Lo is working at and above grade level in all subject areas. HIs reading fluency and comprehension level is high and regularly contributes high level thinking to our classroom discussions regarding literature. Ah Lo is an accomplished writing and consistently shows creativity, organization and detail is his essays. He is advanced in his use of punctuation in his writing and has a very high vocabulary. His math skills are high, but he does need to work on rushing through sometimes. Ah Lo has done well on the state and capitals assessments and may now move on to South America! It is a pleasure to see Ah Lo’s thoughtful and well developed artwork, which reflects his understanding of design and presentation.

Ah Lo is very respectful to me and is well regarded by his classmates. He is always kind and helpful and  has a smile on his face. Ah Lo is doing very well in his first trimester as a fifth grader.”

Ah Lo’s SRI Lexile index is: 1162. The Lexile level measures a student reader’s ability. For him, anything over 800 is above grade level. I think he jumped 200 pts since last year.

Dai Bee’s SRI Lexile is 1462.