InstaTen…10 things currently happening or have happened, Instagram style.

  1. Dai Bee has been going to the senior home to play music most weekends. Sometimes he may get requests by elders’ family.
  2.  Boys first experience with Segway, and they loved it.
  3. Went on our annual coastal clean up. This year their cousin came along and pitched in to help.
  4. Writing chinese calligraphy now has become our Sunday morning ritual. After breakfast, the boys would write 5 pages while Mr. Piggy and I just relax or read. A quiet time enjoyed by all.
  5. My favorite part of the Chinese curriculum is when I teach the boys a new song, and they sing it.
  6. Ah Lo studying root words, also part of our weekend morning ritual.
  7. On weekends, I’ll ask the boys to make breakfast. Otherwise, they will go for easiest choice – cereal. This morning, they are making French toast sticks.
  8. Dai Bee is diligently working on H.S. applications lately, and this is one of them.
  9. Boys enjoying fencing class.
  10. Even after the election is over, we are still talking about it. I’m happy that the results of this election serve as a wake up call for the younger generation and give them more of a drive and incentive to make positive changes in the future.

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