Couldn’t get much sleep last couple of nights because it’s D-Day for high schools. Luckily Ah Lo’s basketball tournament is keeping my mind off a bit. Late Friday, we received news via online from the private schools he applied. He got into 2 and waitlisted in one. The assignment letters from public school is being delayed (eyes rolling, great timing!) Anyway, there are a lot of questions going through my mind these two days. By the time we got back to the city, we came up with a plan. His top choice admitted him, but didn’t quite give us the aid we needed. Tomorrow, Mr. Piggy will call the financial aid office and see if there’s any way around it. Some suggested if schools want your kid, they are willing to work with families who just need to jump over a small hurdle. WE shall see.

Didn’t think the decision process is much more stressful than the application process.