Had a little scare today.

The night before I arranged with my sister to have my brother in law drive Ah Lo to summer camp. The plan was that Ah Lo would take the bus there today to meet up with them. However, the message was never conveyed to my brother-in-law.

This morning, Ah Lo took the bus himself (for the first time) to my sister’s house. When he didn’t call me after 10 minutes later, I called my brother-in-law to see if Ah Lo made it to his house. He was confused about my call. That moment when I realized my BIL was already at camp, but didn’t know Ah Lo’s whereabouts, my blood pressure just shot up the roof. I started panicking knowing he would be outside the house, probably just as nervous since he didn’t have a phone. With work emails to answer and calls coming in, I tried my best to keep my cool and find the solution to this problem.

Five minutes later, an phone call from any anonymous number came in. I normally don’t pick up phone calls with numbers I don’t recognize. This time I trusted my instinct, and sure enough it was Ah Lo. His voice cracked and told me about the situation. Immediately, I called my BIL and he went back to his house to pick up Ah Lo.

When all this is behind we discussed this situation and used this is as learning lesson for the boys. At the end of the day, nothing feels better than having the boys at home, safe and sound.