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How cool is to have a ceramist as our neighbor? Yes, the husband is a poet and the Mrs. is now a ceramist (and a retired English teacher!) The boys help them with little things (pick up newspapers when they travel, water plants, etc.) and in exchange, she invited the boys to come over her studio working with clay. They spend a some time with her today and had a blast. Thank goodness she lives so close (totally save on the travel time *wink*)



Ah Lo has been writing a good number of poems in the last couple of months. I am putting them in a book as a keepsake. He also wants to illustrate them as well. So these days, besides being on the computer, basketball practice, reading, writing poems, goofing off, you’ll find him busy sketching/coloring.



Ah Lo’s class/school is participating in the annual LEAP’s sandcastle building this year. We’ve gone to it in the past but this is our first year we get to be a part of it. I was skeptical about going in the morning since it was drizzling and cold. I’m glad we went because it was a lot of fun. Working with teams of engineers, contractors, engineers and designers, each school works with together to build giant sand sculptures. This program fundraises for the art programs in local public schools. We didn’tstay for the award ceremony, but I heard our school won the “Best Show.”sandcastlesandcastle2

Dai Bee’s violin teacher has an art studio. When Dai Bee takes his violin lessons, Ah Lo would be there same time to take drawing lessons. A few weeks ago, he mentioned about quitting. After several conversations, he was willing to stay longer to learn other techniques. I also gave him a small mp3 player to bring along during his lesson. These are his latest sketches.


More sketches by Ah Lo.


Ah Lo’s recent sketches…


My boys have painted for fun before and they really enjoyed it. Today I hosted a painting party for the younger nieces and nephews. It was purely for fun and another reason to hang out with the cousins. Because it was their first time painting for most of the little ones, I drew an outline for them before hand. They are painting their own zodiac. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Need to get a painting party for the adults soon.

Screen shot 2015-10-13 at 2.20.50 PMScreen shot 2015-10-13 at 2.53.44 PM

The heat has really gotten into me today, I just want to hibernate. Well, since we were out most of the day yesterday, the boys need a bit of catching up to do.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.30.17 AM

  1. To do list for the boys
  2. Chinese word testing
  3. Calligraphy practice for me
  4. Back to #2, on Chinese test where Ah Lo didn’t do very well. For words he wrote incorrectly, he was to rewrite 20 times. Yes, he was aware of it, so he rewrote 6 words (x20) and still kept his cool. Once he was done writing the 6 words, he was retested. I threw him a curve ball by testing on the words from the first test and he forgot one of them. Of course, the second time, it’s not rewriting 20 times, I double the number of times he had to write. He was not happy about that, complaining that he was concentrating on the 6 words. Seeing that I wasn’t willing to budge, he rewrote it, annoyed. After he rewrote it, he stormed upstairs. 15 minutes, he came down and showed me this drawing. He said, he just sketched it, as if nothing happened. Channeling his anger through anger, a sign of maturity, is a way to see how much he has grown. I adore him for that! He sketches well, too! Don’t you think?

We had a creative Saturday. I suggested for a painting session with the boys and they were totally up for it. Ah Lo invited his friend over to join the fun. With pizza boxes (which we got free from a local pizza joint), Mr. Piggy converted them to easels. I bought canvasses from Michael’s last summer (when they were on sale). We finally get to use them today! I set up the art station in front of the house 1) to avoid cleaning up the mess and 2) to sell cupcakes and cookies. The boys were painting and selling cupcakes and cookies at the same time. How fun was that?! We made $14.50 in two hours. Obviously we did it for fun, and not for the money.



IMG_3770 IMG_3771