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We had some friends over Sunday, and I made a coffee cake roll for dessert. Since I had leftover frosting, I decided to bake my nephew a birthday! Yesterday, I brought a mango (his favorite). After slicing the mango, I realized it wasn’t enough to cover the whole cake. So I covered the top with chocolate sprinkles.

Happy birthday to Mr. T, whose turning 8 tomorrow. He’s the sweetest little guy I know. img_6020


Dai Bee’s birthday is coming up, so Ah Lo and I got busy the last week to bake him his birthday cakes (2, one for his friends and one for the family). Yesterday (Friday) was the only day we have available. From birthday invitation to activities, he took the lead planning his own party with his friends. The party was very casual, no decorations, no special themes, no party favors, nothing fancy. Just his friends meeting up after school, shoot some hoops at the nearby park, then back home. A simple homemade dinner, a fun movie and a cake, were all it took for a fun party.

This is the first party where it dawn on me I really don’t need all that hoopla. I realized the boys had so much fun, just being around each other, joking around and that’s all that matters. Some of the boys had their guitar from school. So they played some songs to entertain the rest of the group. It was just that simple.

Today, celebrating with his cousins and my side of the family, was also fairly easy going. After dinner, we watched a chinese movie, and then cake.

Cake for his friends (coffee cake roll):


Cake for the bigger crowd (white cake with mango filling):


Threw a birthday party for the Girl. This was a crazy week for me. It was a short week and every night there was something to do in the evening. Since we were out of town tomorrow, I had to put on some OT hours to get this party going. I knew for sure I wouldn’t have the time to cook anything because of my busy schedule. The only thing I could do was to bake a cake.

And this is what a birthday cake looks like for a high school junior! It was a big hit!


I’ve made swiss rolls before, but never decorated. I’ve attempted to make some decorated cake rolls before, but not good enough to impress. This time, I tried different approach and I was happy with the results. It so happens that we have kiwis at home and I used it for the filling.

IMG_9656 IMG_9660

What supposed to be my lazy day turned out to be a productive day after all. Today is Memorial Day which happens to be Mr. Piggy’s birthday. He has to work (from home) and gave me some time to run errands in the morning. Took the boys to the park in the afternoon and came home to whip out Mr. Piggy’s birthday dinner. We had drumsticks, garlic string beans and shitake mushrooms with brown rice.


What’s a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? Instead of the traditional sweet cake, I made him a fruit cake. Mr. Piggy has met his quota for sweet stuff for the year. He’s lucky to be born in the melon season!! Everything was so so sweet! Happy Birthday, Mr. Piggy.


Top view of the cake:


Yesterday was Dai Bee’s birthday, and he wanted to celebrate with family. So I invited my side of the family for a small gathering. I made something simple for the party – egg noodles, tofu, ginger chicken wings, and some greens.


For his birthday cake, I made the Japanese cotton cheesecake, topped it with whipping cream and berries.


This is mango mochi (芒果糯米糍) I made on the side for the very first time. I love mochi and I love mango, what a great combination.


Dai Bee’s Music Theory class is located in a neighborhood where we normally don’t venture out to. But because of this class, we have found this location to have the most authentic restaurants and genuine little stores that make this city so unique. Today for lunch, we stopped by Ramen Izakaya Goku. The miso was not at all salty like most ramen places (you also get to choose the level of spice). I must say the soft boiled egg was boiled to perfection (at least to my taste). I had the garlic clam ramen just to try it out. It was flavorful and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this place to anyonec raving for ramen in the Mission area.


Per request, I baked a cake roll for Mr. Piggy’s grandfather. Tonight we celebrated his 94th birthday. I didn’t have a very good shot of the picture. But, it’s a cake roll similar to this, but I added some mango to the filling and decorated with the words “壽比南山” (direct translation: may you live as long as the Southern Mountains). He liked it so much he ate two pieces!


My sister is throwing a Minecraft-themed party for her son. For my nephew’s gift, I baked him some cupcakes of Creeper (character from Minecraft). Again, it’s all about the tools! Because I didn’t have the right tool, it took me almost 3 hours to make this!


Today is happy day for Ah Lo since he didn’t anything except play play and play. He stayed over his cousin’s house last night for his birthday party. We picked him up around 1pm so he can go to his friend’s house for a playdate. At 4pm, we drove him to join his basketball team celebration at an bowling alley. What a happy day for this little guy. Dai Bee, on the other hand, had another form of fun. He sang with his school choir at the Asian Art Museum, went home and practiced more music. He did go bowling afterwards with us. What a fun way to wrap up the last day of February.

These great chocolate bear cookies are great for cake tops! Haven’t baked cakes in a while. I started last night (baking the cake making the frosting). By the time I got home, I was so tired today I almost didn’t want to do it. Luckily I have these tops and plopped them on it. The girls gobbled it up in no time. Always a bless to have someone being my guinea pig around the house and willing to try everything I make!


Had a rather relaxing day today, which was very unusual. After a small gathering with the boys’ baseball team, we went home. I baked breads for tomorrow and decided to make some cupcakes – banana chocolate. Trying out another new recipe which were super moist. The cupcake, I had simple chocolate butter cream as frosting. A relaxing day some how ended up to be a busy day in the kitchen. Today is also my BIL’s birthday, and he has a big sweet tooth. Hope he enjoys it!