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My non-traditional CNY red envelopes this year – Year of the Dog! These require much more work than the ones I did last year. Believe it or not, I started last November. How do I have so much time you ask? When you sit around waiting for music lessons, basketball practices, or when you watch TV, etc, you’ll notice you have plenty of time…IMG_1434IMG_E1488


Ah Lo’s felt project. He said he got a B for this.IMG_0939

Instead of passing out the traditional red envelopes this year, I’ll be handing out these chicks! I started out with one, and then a brood of them came into life. I’ve only made enough for my nephews and nieces. Not sure if they will keep it, but I had fun making it.



More felting. This hand warmer is made for one of my nephews KG, who is studying piano with Dai Bee. He’s into pokemon these days, so I used this as an incentive to get him to continue practicing piano.img_5592img_5593

Chinese New Year is almost here. This is the Year of the Rooster, so can this be replaced with the traditional red envelope?


Spending my morning felting, as my form of therapy. My nephew who stayed overnight was interested in taking up a new hobby, so here I am teaching him how to sew.

My latest creations (hand warmers).


These ones are pretty much worn out. It’s time to replace them.

Made these hand warmers for our short distance walk from home to school in the mornings. Stuff them with white rice and microwave them for 30 seconds before we head out in the morning. Boys love them!


My littlest nephew’s first pre-school picture! When my sister asked if any of us had a bow tie to lend, I immediately thought of felting one! That way, we can choose the color to match the outfit. I sewed velcro onto the elastic band so that it can be easily adjusted. Too bad he didn’t smile for the camera (thought he should be used to it by now) this time. Otherwise, the dimples would really jazz up his first school photo!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.47.35 AM

Everyone asks me who am I doing this for? Nobody, I am just felting for fun and I enjoy it. I think it’s therapeutic and a great way to de-stress. I remembered when I was young, I wanted to become a fashion designer when I grow up. Of course, that never happened. So what do I do when I grow up? I make clothes for dolls for fun! My boys have been asking me to get them a male version doll so they can design clothes for the boy. So, stay tuned…

Here are my other designs

felt doll

Finally found time to play a little dress up and added more clothes to the wardrobe. Here’s more.