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We picked one of the hottest day for our field trip to the State Capitol – whew! This was an all day trip, we chartered a bus for the whole day bussing us from the State Capitol to the Old Sacramento, where we ended up with a treat (ice cream) from our sweet teacher.

We had our tour guide who took us around the Capitol Building, stopping at the Senate Chamber and the Assembly Chamber (which was also known ad the House of the Commons). We walked under the rotunda and got a chance to view the historic Governor’s office suites. It was a great civics experience for the students and me!

After lunch (outside of the Capitol building – thank goodness we found shade), we hopped onto the bus where it took us to the hisotric park – Sutter’s Fort. The class was broken up into smaller groups and each was given a list of questions to answer about the history of the fort. We were baking under the sun at that point since the Fort was an open area. I lead 4 and walked around the park, looking at the tools used during the gold rush days, old guns and cannons. We cooled off at the orientation and exhibit rooms. There were volunteers (dressed in costumes that takes us back in time) who were very knowledgeable and helpful to provide us with answers to some of the questions about the history of Sutter’s Fort. Besides the scorching heat, overall, it was an educational and informative lesson for the students to take outside of the classroom.

Next we walked across the street to the State Indian Museum . The museum isn’t very big with not much to it. There are mainly visual display of artifacts, relics, traditional clothing, basket weavings, and tools once used. We found the world’s tiniest woven basket there! No photographs were allowed. It was another fantastic way to learn about the history of Native Americans.

Our last stop was Old Sacramento. We had a stroll in the old part of town through old buildings, train museums and boats. We didn’t stop since everyone was dying to get their hands on a scoop of ice cream.

On the bus back to school, I thought to myself, “wow, what a great trip! Anyone who thinks the public education isn’t fabulous, is mistaken.”


“Today I am thankful for being to enjoy this educational trip with my son…”


If only I can split into two, I would be able to join both my boys on their field trips today. I heard half of the school is out on a field trip today. Yes, on one of the hottest days of the year! Can you guess where they are going?

I joined Ah Lo’s class to the Aquarium of the Bay today. Luckily it was indoors so we were saved from the scorching heat. We had a guided tour so the kids had lots of fun learning about sharks and different creatures in the ocean. For this bento, underneath the rice, there’s hot dog sushi, broccoli, carrots, butterfly snacks and black grapes.

Dai Bee went to pumpkin patch with his reading buddy (first grade class). Besides baking under the sun, he too, had quite an adventure with the first graders.  His bento is the exact same thing as Ah Lo’s.

Today I am thankful to visit the Aquarium…”

Today the 3rd graders are going on a field trip – to cheer for the Giants! Dai Bee is so excited he got up early this morning and started to chant “Go Giants, Go! Go Giants, Go!” He got me all excited as well, and hence these lunches came along…Ham sandwiches, goldfish crackers and fuji apple.

Ah Lo complained that he couldn’t go. But he can still stand on the sidelines (at the school cafeteria) to cheer them on).


“Today I am thankful for the parking space…”

Yes, this time is with Ah Lo’s Kindergarten class. I was in such a rush making these bentos, I almost missed the bus!

When we arrived at the zoo, the teacher separated the class into smaller groups. For 1.75 hours, I led a group of 7 ane explored the zoo at their pace. We visited the Children’s Zoo,  pet some farm animals, wandered off to the insect zoo, got some info about koala bears, and stopped at a few places before lunch!

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to stop by the other side of the zoo. The kids were too anxious to get to the playground!

“Today I am thankful for the ride to the zoo and the gorgeous weather…”

Don’t know how many times I’ve been on the field trip to the Academy. Every grade does different things. For Ah Lo, it is definitely hard to keep such a big group together, so the teacher wisely split up the class into smaller groups. Parents/Chaperones lead smaller groups of children to different areas and explore.

What did he find up there?

This little friend popped out of nowhere and guess who spotted him?

Today I am thankful for the day off…”

Dai Bee’s class is headed to the Pumpkin Patch today at HMB. I made him a PBJ sandwich with a jack-o-lantern cheese.

Parents split up to take the entire class there. It was a good 45 minutes ride.

After Farmer MacDonald gave us a good education on nature, we were free to roam/explore the farm.

Fhe first stop was the hay ride.

Then for the next 30 minutes or so, we were lost in the maze. Yep, the kids got A-MAZED!

Then we hopped on to the poor little pony.

For $12, there was also a haunted house, a petting zoo, and a train ride. After lunch, every kid picked out a mid-sized pumpkin and we were ready to take off.

“Today I am thankful for the nice weather…”

Last Friday Ah Lo’s class went on their first field trip to Glen Park. I didn’t tell him I was going with him. I showed up right before they got on the school bus to surprise him! The first thing he said was “you forgot to pack my lunch today!” LOL.

The school bus took us here (which I’ve never been)…

We were joined by Tree Frog Trek‘s counselors, with rescued reptiles wrapped around them.

After the classes were broken into 3 groups, the counselor led us to explore the Park. We first stopped by a willow tree. The children were encouraged to pull off a leaf and tasted it (aspirin is actually made from the bark and leaves of the willow tree). Per Ah Lo “it tasted too sour.”

With the leaf they pulled off, they rub it all over with a crayon to get the lines on the leaf.

Every now and then, the children would stop to discover what was hidden under a log, what was crawling on a rock, or what was falling from above. Here they found a bunch of rollie pollies underneath a rock they stepped on.

After 1-1/2 hours of exploring nature, the kids (including myself) were exhausted. Time for lunch! He requested for spam sushi.

“Today I am thankful for the day off…”

Mr. Piggy’s company hosted a coastal cleanup day at Port of Oakland today from 9am-12pm for their employees and whomever wanted to volunteer. Lunch provided. The boys were excited when we got there. With brief instructions of what to and NOT to pick up, we started with an empty garbage bag. There was going to be a prize of the most ‘unique’ item found. So yep, we were looking, looking very hard!

As we walked along the shoreline, we collected lots of bottle caps, cigarette butts, chip bags, plastics, and other marine debris. The boys were very serious as they dug underneath rocks and rummaged through invasive plants just to pickup any trash they find.

Here were some of the unique items the volunteers picked up from the cleanup. No, we didn’t win the first prize (which was a crab trap and a pair of Express blue jeans).

But there were no disappointments at all. Today, we saw a centipede, monarch butterflies, a flock of geese, dragon flies, moths, and seagulls. Where would you go to see all these in one day? As Ah Lo put it, “this is great nature!” As we turned in our bag 2-1/2 hours later, now full of trash, Dai Bee shouted, “I’m so proud of myself.” Are we all?

“Today I am thankful for the little gifts from my dear friend…”

This time we’re headed to the Conservatory of Flowers in GG Park. I tagged along since I’ve never been there (though my MIL would appreciate this trip much more since she’s the one with the green thumb). We took the bus to the museum. Our docent, Cathy, gave us a very informative tour about some of rare and beautiful tropical plants. As explorers, the children were given a small booklet to learn about the different types of plants growing in different types of climates. We went through the different galleries –  highland and lowland tropics, aquatics, and potted plants.

I even learned a new word “epiphyte” – a plant that grows on other other plants.

Our last stop was at the garden railway exhibit. The children were given a sheet of “I SPY” to look for the (recycled) ordinary everyday items hidden in the city’s landmarks. Another fun and memorable field trip.

Here’s a lunch I quickly whipped up for his field trip. In this box entitled Flowers – PBJ sandwich, carrots, cheese, franks, and oranges.

Today I am thankful for the wonderful and patient docent…”

Today, Dai Bee’s class caught the public transportation for a field trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Every time when the class has to take public transit for field trips, I get a little nervous. Luckily there were enough chaperones in our class. I met up with them.

The tour gave us a private tour of the Curious George Exhibits. She also taught the class how we can use visual arts to tell the setting and characters of the story. We also learned some history of Curious George and some background information of the books’ author, H.A. and Margaret Rey. It was definitely a great lesson for all of us!

After touring the exhibit, the children went into a big room, with stations set up for art and crafts supplies. Individually using paper, markers, paper clips and magnets, they worked on a project to map a journey of any event they come up with.

Putting their creative cap on, the children got busy.

Dai Bee wanted to draw what he sees in the morning on his way to school.

He decided to work with his friend to connect the two projects. Not too bad for something done in such limited time!

Today I am thankful for a visit to the Museum…”