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This is my 3rd time making lemon bars, and finally, it worked out. Phew! Didn’t think it was that hard to make! Because everyone says it’s so easy to make, the last couple of times I wasn’t paying much attention. This round I took my time, and it turned out beautifully. My boys are not huge fans fo lemon bars, so I ended up giving these to my co-workers. img_4268.jpg


Before heading to Ah Lo’s basketball games in Rocklin this weekend, we must load him up with some fresh homemade banana bread for breakfast! It’ll be a long weekend.

Having a little more fun with these macarons, which I’m currently obsessed with. There are a ton of cute ones out there and I can’t wait to make more.


Going for Korean tonight, with my two nieces and sister over for dinner. It seems a lot, but I made the side dishes a head of time, so technically, I’m only making the kimchi fried rice. I prepared the Soondubu (tofu stew) base over the weekend, so it didn’t take much time. HK’s step grandma was super nice to offer marinated the short ribs for me. I picked it up after work, and grilled it. This looks like a lot of work, but if you spread it out, yes, this can be a weeknight meal!IMG_7811

We also celebrated my niece’s birthday (tomorrow) with this number cake:IMG_7815

My nieces are coming to dinner Monday. Since Tuesday is her actual birthday, I decided to make her a cake! After making one for Dai Bee a couple of months ago, I’ve been itchy to make another one. Well, my niece coming over for dinner presents the perfect opportunity. Knowing I’d be busy on Monday, I started preparing today. Here’s the crust. IMG_4062

Ha! My hands were itchy to try macarons again! Didn’t have to wait long…

I started out with these. Tried to cut down sugar, but they came out flat and didn’t rise properly like they should. Luckily I had more time to whip up another batch (above), except this time, I added back the sugar. I guess I just can’t get away with it. Yikes.

Went easy on the spicy oil for this Sichuan dandan noodles, afraid the boys couldn’t handle it, so might have lost some of the actual flavor.IMG_3985I used to cheat and purchase the pre-made ones. Today, I spent a little more time to make my own sauce. I didn’t follow the recipe too precisely because I didn’t have all the ingredients. The boys loved it and had a few rounds.

Made a strawberry sponge cake roll for a friend, named Winnie, whom I’ve known since high school. Last December she went through some major health issues. Some of us whom we met during HS are having a small gathering at her house today.  I brought her this, hoping to uplift her spirit a bit.

Afternoon snacks: green onion biscuits, celebrating the last day of school for Ah Lo!IMG_3527

This is my first time making pineapple buns (not sure why they are called pineapple buns since it has nothing to do with pineapples). Just for fun, I filled them with BBQ pork. BBQ pork buns was what I had in mind initially, but somehow combined the two. When I first learned to make bread, I thought the recipe for the pineapple buns was too complicated, so I didn’t want to attempt. Now that I’ve baked a bread of two, I decided to give it a try. All of a sudden, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. These were for the boys’ afternoon snack. Glad they saved some for breakfast this morning!