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Had some ripe strawberries and didn’t know what to do with them. Not too long ago, I made mango coconut jelly. So I thought to give the strawberries a try. These turn out beautifully with a refreshing taste! Boys gave it a two thumbs up.


Here’s the cake I was talking about! It’s all over internet and I’m hopping on the band wagon to make one for Dai Bee. This turned out beautifully and I got to share it with my side of the family.IMG_2940

On his actual day, we went out at his favorite restaurant. Yesterday, we had a small gathering at my mom’s house to enjoy this lovely cake. Today, he hung out with a couple of his friends, had dinner then watched a movie (Avengers: Infinity War). These birthdays are simple, and I don’t miss the days when I wreck my brain to come up with a (big) memorable party.

Ah Lo saw me with a pineapple when I came home. He asked what was for dinner, and I told him “pineapple.” He laughed and said, “seriously, what are we having for dinner?”

A couple of days ago, a friend gave me some cooked beans. So I was looking for recipes online what to do with it. There were tons, but nothing stood out to me. So, today I bought 3 ears of corn, a pineapple (just used a quarter of it here), and 2 avocados and mix it all up. Last minute I decided to add some couscous (knowing how my boys are eating machines). Luckily I did that, because they cleared everything!

Got a whole bunch of apples from Mr. Piggy’s auntie’s backyard. I shared some with my sisters and kept some for myself. Should have made apple pie with these, but decided to make soup with them instead. Using some pork bones, carrots, sweet and bitter apricot kernels (南北), this apple soup is good for soothing lungs, especially great to drink during this hot and humid weather.


We got to spend some time with some college friends today. It was a potluck, and I made salad, coffee rolls and fruit tarts. Since these are a bunch of foodies, I was under pressure to perform 🙂

Of course, the more pressure, the more nervous I get to make things perfect. I had to make two coffee rolls (because the first one cracked). This shell of this fruit tart was under baked and the pastry creme didn’t have the perfect consistency. I’ve made these before and never had this problem. This time, I just got anxious and scooped it up to the bowl. The trick to baking is to willing to accept failures. I know exactly where my mistakes were. I will keep trying, keep practicing until I get this right again. After all, “mistakes are proofs that you are trying…”IMG_9077

IMG_8569Decided to throw my youngest sister a baby shower very last minute. This is her 2nd child, and she didn’t care to have a shower, even for her 1st baby. So we surprised her with one today! It was not much of a party, but rather an excuse for me to make stuff. 🙂 Recruited some helpers along the way.IMG_8545IMG_8567IMG_8568IMG_8561

Celebrating Mr. Piggy’s belated birthday today. His birthday was a few days ago but because of graduations left and right, we finally got a chance to celebrate his birthday today. We didn’t go out, just made some  homemade garlic noodles, vegetables and steamed a couple of crabs.IMG_7692

Even made a fruit tart as the dessert for the very first time.  Happy belated birthday Mr. Piggy, thanks for being so patient and waiting for your turn!IMG_7694

Spent half a day baking yesterday and half day decorating today.IMG_7435

Baked two sponge cakes (from scratch) for mother’s day tomorrow, one for each mom. These are fruit filled cakes with buttercream frosting. I barely had enough frosting to cover the 8′ layered cake. Instead, I used fruits to decorate it.IMG_7457

I thought the buttercream frosting was too sweet. So with a thin layer of frosting and some fruits, it was a perfect match. Glad everyone enjoyed it. IMG_7468

Boys’ breakfast this morning. Similar to these.


Saw these “open-faced” fruit sandwiches on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the color, not to mention the nutritional factor. So since this is testing week for the boys, I thought it’d be the perfect time to make them for breakfast. Then I found out the test happened last week. Oh wells, at least they are having something nutritious.