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Today’s father’s day is especially meaningful as our family took our annual walk in memory of our dad/grandpa to bring awareness to Pancreatic Cancer. For the first time, our mom has joined us for the walk. So proud of her!


Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there!


Boys are doing their 3rd triathlon today. Dai Bee was a bit hesitant at first, felt he wasn’t quite ready. He had the earlier time this year because of his age group. For some reason, both the boys are doing the same thing for their age groups this year: 200-yard swim, 6-mile bike, 1-1/4 mile run. Another one awaits in July!

TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: 44:34, with 2:06 and 1:23 transitioning times, respectively.Untitled

TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: 54:57, with 3:10 and 2:05 transitioning times, respectively.Untitled2

This time joining the fun is my 6-year old niece and 2-year old nephew! My niece has the fastest swim time and my nephew won the race for being the youngest (and cutest!) So proud of all these triathletes!


This program adds more craziness to our already busy schedule in the last two months. We had to move things around in order to fit in this time frame (usually practice times were given to us that week of). From practices to games (times 2), it had taken away a good chunk of our weekends. I don’t know how other families who played in several leagues at the same time, with multiple kids, manage with this kind of schedule. Though I’m glad it’s over, I hate to admit that I wished it to last a bit longer. Besides enjoying the game, CYO basketball gave the boys more understanding of the game, helped them build character, self-esteem and discipline, and developed a stronger sense of responsibility. For that, yes, deep deep down, it would be great if this season could be a week or two or three longer…



Two years ago, got glasses for Dai Bee. It’s inevitable Ah Lo will need a pair (thanks to Mr. Piggy’s genes), just didn’t think so soon. He failed the vision test at school. So here he is, getting new pair. All of a sudden, he says, the world is so much clearer. img_5854

I am the type who handles stress pretty well. Lately, it has taken a toll on me, physically. There are a lot of things happening just this last two weeks. My granny recently had a stroke. In and out of the hospital, with work piling up (the busiest I’ve ever been), and then the Holidays, I’ve been internalizing everything. About a week ago, a tingling numbness on my left arm and the queasy feeling in my stomach got me worried. First I hoped it would go away, then days past but symptoms still persist. I finally got an appointment with the doctor. She suggested I see a neurologist for a nerve conduction test and get some PepcidAC for my stomach.

This is my wake up call to take care of myself. Perhaps a good time to remind myself to slow down a bit. At this point, there’s nothing more important than staying healthy for my boys, for myself…

Sundays are busy days for me with grocery shopping for the entire week for the entire family. IT’s also when I replenish the “snacks drawer.” Now the boys know exactly where to find “goodies.”


Boys participated their second triathlon today. This time it was a nudge from their cousin, H. Ah Lo improved 2 minutes since last time. Dai Bee improved 10 minutes! Before we got too excited, there might be a mistake with his run time. This race was different than the last such that the kids have to keep track of their laps. While Dai Bee was running on his 4th lap, we had to stop him (thinking he had already finished all 4 laps) and waved him to the finish line. No wonder he gave us the questionable look – then telling us that he needed one more lap. WE convinced him otherwise, and hence his total elapsed was much shorter than expected. Oh well, there’s always a next time to prove himself!

AL-Triathlon 2DB-Triathlon 2

All finishers receive a participation medal.



InstaTen…10 things currently happening or have happened, Instagram style.


  1. Golfing with the cousins in Cancun.
  2.  Another chore to add onto Dai Bee’s list.
  3. Boys at a Math School’s open house.
  4. No more bunks.
  5. Trip to Chichen Itsa.
  6. At the Pancreatic Cancer Walk, with cousins.
  7. Dentist checkup (Ah Lo, and two baby teeth extractions).
  8. Dentist checkup (Dai Bee).
  9. Boys helping out on father’s day.
  10. First time boys are taking the bus to school on their own.

Boys have been coming home hungry, yes, they are growing. They have been digging through the pantry for snacks after camps. Instead of loading up the pantry with chips and cookies, today, I designated a snacks drawer in the refrigerator just for them. I filled it with fruits, baby carrots and cheese. Every week, I will replenish it with energy-boosting food to give them more healthier options.


My sisters and our families joined the walk to support and bring awareness to the pancreatic cancer research. It was three years ago that we lost our dad to this deadly disease. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2013, and died a month later. Seeing him suffer for last month was extremely difficult. Although his presence is no longer here, his strength, energy and grit are still with us. This is another way to remember our dad, and boys’ grandfather.

Together, our families raised over $3k. We hope one day soon, we will find a cure. Let’s continue to fight against this war to end this disease.