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Going for Korean tonight, with my two nieces and sister over for dinner. It seems a lot, but I made the side dishes a head of time, so technically, I’m only making the kimchi fried rice. I prepared the Soondubu (tofu stew) base over the weekend, so it didn’t take much time. HK’s step grandma was super nice to offer marinated the short ribs for me. I picked it up after work, and grilled it. This looks like a lot of work, but if you spread it out, yes, this can be a weeknight meal!IMG_7811

We also celebrated my niece’s birthday (tomorrow) with this number cake:IMG_7815


Summer is the time I have the boys spend more time in the kitchen because they don’t have any excuses (doing HW, or practice). On weekends, basically, they take over to do lunch and/or dinners (including doing the dishes) which is great.

Tonight, I am showing Ah Lo how to do steam eggs (one of their favorite dish). It’s the easiest thing to make but can also be very tricky. Once you get it down, it will also come out perfectly. This is the lesson, next week will be the test.

Lobster feast! Decided to invite my mom, sisters and BILs to celebrate Father’s Day altogether. Surprisingly, most of them didn’t have dinner plans (or they just show up for anything that don’t require cooking…LOL). Mr. Piggy and I picked these up from Costco. IMG_3787

I made succotash on the side. Bread was also store bought, which makes this meal for 14 not so bad (not too much work required).IMG_3790Last but not not least, Happy Father’s Day to this guy!IMG_3791

Made a strawberry sponge cake roll for a friend, named Winnie, whom I’ve known since high school. Last December she went through some major health issues. Some of us whom we met during HS are having a small gathering at her house today.  I brought her this, hoping to uplift her spirit a bit.

Enjoying the meatless Monday with a homemade margarita! I love how this is such an inexpensive meal to make (even got my own sauce). The basil leaves were from a Vietnamese restaurant we dined at this past weekend. The kids love it!IMG_3086Untitled

Finally finished a DIY project for Mr. Piggy’s cousin (who had a baby girl back in October). Not sure what to give her for her Red Egg & Ginger party but want to get her something personal. Ah Lo helped personalized this growth chart ruler by painting her name on it. I just stuck sticker on it. It was a fun project and can make a great baby gift! Can’t wait to gift this!

While the boys are watching the Warriors playoff, I’m in the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner. I make Bánh cuốn (Vietnamese dish of rice batter crepes, filled with a savory meat filling) on a weekend because it really does take 2 hours to make (more or less). I prepped the filling earlier today. Rolling these takes tremendous patience. Normally, people roll these in an envelope style. However, I think rolling these up like so don’t seem so doughy, which I prefer. I’ve made these before and vow not to make it again. Same with this time, but after the meal, I’m already thinking what variation I can play with next time.IMG_2962

Love making my own potstickers so that there’s always something in the freezer for the boys any time of day. For example, tonight when the boys are at my inlaws, I dig into these scrumptious homemade potstickers!IMG_2471

Ah Lo has a busy schedule today, 2 games and a music festival (choir) for school all in one day, across town from each other. So it’s a good day to load him up with carbs. Yesterday, I had the chance to make and steam some sweet rice with chicken wrapped in lotus leaf (糯米雞). This is one of the must-order items when we go out for dim sum. Boys would finish one or two by themselves. It’s fairly easy to make and ingredients are simple: dried shrimp, mushrooms (not his favorite, by adds the flavor), shallots, chinese sausage and of course, chicken. Purposely left out the salty egg yolks since boys don’t care for it.

I plan to make mini ones and put them in the freezer so it’s another option for them in the morning for breakfast.IMG_2491

Decorated these cupcakes and a birthday cake (using Reese’s pieces) for Ah Lo’s basketball themed party. He celebrated his birthday with his friends in the early afternoon, then basketball teammates after practice and finally at night, with my family (pizza party). He made pesto pasta for lunch and watched a movie with his friends. Luckily there weren’t that many of them, so it was very manageable. Since I started baking earlier this week and no cooking involved, I got to enjoy the day a bit.IMG_2322