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Ah Lo shared his book of poems with our neighbor who also happens to be a poet (with some published work!) A few days later, we found this in the mail…IMG_8976

Been dropping off/pick up my nephew to/from school (while my sister is at home with her newborn). He’s always so cheerful in the morning and so happy to see me when I pick him up in the afternoon. I don’t remember my boys ever reacting this way when I picked them up from preschool. Spending the little time with the little guy on the bus brings back so many great memories when I would sing to my boys, chit chat, answering questions, and my favorite – playing ‘I spy’ games.

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The little things we should appreciate in life…

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The little things we should appreciate in life…


Recently discovered a message on FB from a high school friend who we lost touch since the day we graduated 30 years ago!? I said “discovered” because she messaged me through FB last year, and I just saw it (I normally don’t pay attention to FB messages unless I am part of a conversation). Anyway, wow, 30 years and so much have changed. Can’t wait to meet up with her when she visits. What do we do in a world without technology?

Dai Bee’s birthday is coming up, so Ah Lo and I got busy the last week to bake him his birthday cakes (2, one for his friends and one for the family). Yesterday (Friday) was the only day we have available. From birthday invitation to activities, he took the lead planning his own party with his friends. The party was very casual, no decorations, no special themes, no party favors, nothing fancy. Just his friends meeting up after school, shoot some hoops at the nearby park, then back home. A simple homemade dinner, a fun movie and a cake, were all it took for a fun party.

This is the first party where it dawn on me I really don’t need all that hoopla. I realized the boys had so much fun, just being around each other, joking around and that’s all that matters. Some of the boys had their guitar from school. So they played some songs to entertain the rest of the group. It was just that simple.

Today, celebrating with his cousins and my side of the family, was also fairly easy going. After dinner, we watched a chinese movie, and then cake.

Cake for his friends (coffee cake roll):


Cake for the bigger crowd (white cake with mango filling):


Every year I walked some distance just to get “free” red envelopes from different banks. I would give those to my mom or my MIL. I don’t spend money buying them because, embarrassingly to say, I  recycle some of the red envelopes. There are also some I have retained from past years (they are still new). I usually keep them in a box where I store all these (new and lightly used) red envelopes. For some reason, the box went missing this year. Both Mr. Piggy and I flipped the house upside down but just couldn’t find it.

So instead of buying, I made them! Found a red envelope template online, slapped the design I wanted and printed. I cut out the envelopes while the boys folded them. Sure, they were moaning and groaning, but even teasing how cheap I was for not buying them. Secretly deep deep inside of me, I wished the box doesn’t show up so I can do this again with them next year.


The little things we should appreciate in life…

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Boys know not to bother me on Wednesday nights @ 9pm.

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A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}.