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Woke up early this morning for a basketball tournament. Surprised by a breakfast by Mr. Piggy – totally didn’t expect that. So yes, it was a pleasant surprise!

After basketball game, we met up with my other sisters and had takeout at one of the sister’s house.  Like last year, we took a stroll along ocean beach back to my mom’s home.

For dinner, my boys made (spam and egg) for dinner. Sure, it was simple, but I was able to take the day off (even squeezed a quick nap in between)!

Baked the cake just so that I could use the Russian tips! LOL. The frosting was still a tad bit softer than it should be. In hindsight, should have toss it in the fridge for 30 mins. Oh well, I was pretty happy with it, and glad everyone enjoyed it.

Happy moms day to all the superMOM’s out there.


Mother’s Day without Dai Bee since he’s off to his school’s outdoor ed program to Yosemite. Made him lunch this morning and dropped him off. Missed him already.IMG_7473-edited

We did something different for Mother’s Day this year. My sisters and I took my mom out for dinner Friday. On actual Mother’s Day today, we are also promoting health and wellness in our family as well as celebrating Mother’s day. After dropping off Dai Bee, we took a nice stroll with mom along ocean beach. The walk was about 1.5 miles from my mom’s house to one of my sisters, where we ended up with lunch (take out). The weather couldn’t have been better as it is always windy by the ocean. What a great way to enjoy mother’s day, staying healthy and avoiding the restaurant crowd at the same time!IMG_6743

As for our family, we just wanted to stay home and enjoy dinner comfortably. We bought some lobster tail from Costco ($20/lb=$40 for 6). Mr. Piggy offered to cook but he was afraid he’ll screw it up. So I ended up cooking for the night. It was easy to make and super delicious.  IMG_7539

Hope everyone enjoyed your mother’s day dinner as much as I did!IMG_7542

Spent half a day baking yesterday and half day decorating today.IMG_7435

Baked two sponge cakes (from scratch) for mother’s day tomorrow, one for each mom. These are fruit filled cakes with buttercream frosting. I barely had enough frosting to cover the 8′ layered cake. Instead, I used fruits to decorate it.IMG_7457

I thought the buttercream frosting was too sweet. So with a thin layer of frosting and some fruits, it was a perfect match. Glad everyone enjoyed it. IMG_7468

This is one of the more relaxing Mother’s Day as long as I remembered. In the past, I am always the one planning for activities for Mother’s Day (for my side). It’s normally an all day event where I have to coordinate with everyone. From getting a place to the ensure a balanced food list, it’s quite a hassle (not to mention finding a restaurant that will house so many of us for dinner). With everyone’s weekend extracurriculars, I find it even more difficult to gather everyone. Year after year, I realized I don’t really get to enjoy some time off. This year, I decided not to do anything. Just sit back and relax.

I took the boys to play at a senior home during the day. Both played piano this time. Dai Bee also brought his violin (unwillingly) to play. He really hates to perform. However, when I told him to play 1 minute (an excerpt from any piece he’s been practicing). He ended up playing the 5-minute piece, followed by a long  applause by one of the elders.

For Mr. Piggy’s family, the sisters decided to celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day as my side which means Mr. Piggy and I have to be in different places. For my side, after everyone went out of her way to veto my idea of having Indian food for mother’s day dinner, we did potluck for dinner. This is how I want to spend my weekend.