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Dai Bee’s last orchestra performance at his school. He was performing for choir last Thursday. The school year is coming to an end and with all these school performances and activities, luckily we live so close to school!


Here’s the 2nd performance for the seniors. They are definitely more comfortable the 2nd time around than they did last week.img_5273

One of the two days Dai Bee and his friends performing at one of the two senior homes. img_5253

Busy night for us with activities back to back. Dai Bee has a winter concert, where he performs for the orchestra and choir. Both Ah Lo and Dai Bee have basketball practices happening the same night. Luckily the timing works out beautifully as Ah Lo has practice during Dai Bee’s performance. The great thing was the performance and practice are in the same location! How great is that?! After performance, Dai Bee changed (from a musician to a basketball player).

Dai Bee is also the concertmaster at his school’s orchestra. Because he’s part of the choir, he only played one song (the “Little Drummer Boy). Still, I thought he did great (but then, I might be biased.) This kid never ceases to amaze me.


Boys will be playing for the seniors this Christmas. They have been diligently practicing Carol of the Bells. What’s interesting is to see how Dai Bee teaches Ah Lo on sight seeing, rhythmical structure and the musicality (which is the most difficult). I pretend to be reading a book or looking at my phone, when I’m sole purpose is to act as a moderator. Or to ease the tension between the two. Both are learning and teaching at the same time. Dai Bee is teaching Ah Lo, while learning how to be a teacher. Ah Lo is learning his piece from his brother, while teaching his brother how to be patient. Good teamwork!


My granny nanny recently admitted to a senior home. After a couple of falls, doctors from hospital and rehab center all agree she can no longer live by herself.  On paper, she’s 110. In real life, she’s pretty close to 100. No diet restrictions and still sharp as a razor, she’s pretty amazing for her age. Looking around the senior home, she seems to be the healthiest one there!

The doctor told us after the recent fall, her balance is a bit off. In a way, I’m glad she’s residing in a senior home now. She’s been living by herself for some time now. Besides the 24/7 care, there’s definitely more social interaction now in her life. We will frequent more in the coming days to help her acclimate her new environment.

Today, I brought my boys to visit her. I had Dai Bee play piano at the senior home (with consent by nurses). Of course, he was hesitant at first. I encourage (more like forced) him to play. After a push and a nudge, the nursing home was filled with Chopin’s music. All the nurses and workers peeped in their heads to check where the music came from. He doesn’t enjoy the spotlight at all. I often tell him he has a special gift to play music. And that he should be proud of this gift, which sometimes can bring joy to others.


Dai Bee has been taking private violin lessons with a teacher who doesn’t offer any recitals. He does get to perform with his orchestra, but never have a chance to play solo. So I’ve been passively looking around to seek for opportunities. I called a couple of senior homes and finally reached one, On Lok Senior Homes who would allow him to come in and play for their seniors! I told him about it last month and gave him a few pieces to practice.

Of course this morning, he was a bit hesitant, trying to find excuses NOT to go. “I thought it was at night” when I told him to be ready by 10am. “I only have one piece ready” when I told him he should play 3-5 pieces. He’s not much of a performer, let alone to do this all by himself. Regardless, I drove him there. He was a little nervous at first, but after the first song, he was playing beautifully. Though half of his audience was asleep, but at the end, they were all awake to give him the applause. We will come back again.

Yes, I should have him dressed up a little bit, but I didn’t want to give him another excuse to shy away this great opportunity.


At the spring concert tonight, Dai Bee is the concertmaster at his school orchestra. He seems to take his job seriously. Before the concert, while everyone is busy running around, chit chatting, he’s the only one practicing.

[Note to self: time to buy him some dress pants and shoes!]


It’s that time of year again! Ah Lo’s school had their annual holiday performance today. I remembered the first time when I saw Dai Bee performing, I was thrilled! I was truly touched by the amazing efforts the teachers put together to get 2-1/2 to 4 year olds to do such an outstanding performance! Every year, there would be a new theme, a new skit, sometimes even new songs. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the show. Not only the teacher’s hard work that got recognized, but the children worked just as diligent!

In the skit, Ah Lo was one of the Angels who announced to the people when Jesus was born.

A few days before the performance, I was told by the Director that Ah Lo needs to be in a suit because he will be doing a dancing segment. I asked everyone I knew to see if they have one to lend. I got one (from another parent) but it was a bit too big for Ah Lo. On top of it, it needed to be dry-clean after it was worn. I thought of just buying one. However, at the very last minute, I remembered I bought a tuxedo a few years ago for Dai Bee (on my sister’s wedding). Luckily, it barely fitted. Here’s my angel who looked as handsome as ever!

Here’s a random quote:

Mama, you know how much I loooooove peanuts? Well, I love you more than I love peanuts. It’s true.

by: Ah Lo

Dai Bee’s Chinese School put together a performance to celebrate Chinese New Year by all grades for the parents. Initially Dai Bee was hesitant and he didn’t want to do it. He wouldn’t even get on the stage to rehearse. After many talks and encouragement, he finally did it, slowly – rehearsed in class, then on stage, and today, on the stage in front of a live audience. He was still a bit nervous in the beginning. He partnered up with his classmate to recite a Chinese poem. You can actually hear his soft yet trembling voice. I think his partner, a little girl, gave him more confidence as she was very calm and poised.

He did great and always, so proud of him!

“Today I am thankful for the power walk…”