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At Dai Bee’s first fencing competition. Boys have been taking fencing for some time now, and this was his first competition. He’s probably the only one doing this the first time since I was the only one taking pictures while the other parents were sitting there chilling. It was pretty low key, not much yelling or cheering. We spent a good chunk of time watching and waiting. He wasn’t the last one on the rank, so I take it that’s a pretty good?!IMG_7270

Mr. Piggy’s nephew is turning 2 today. After the fencing competition, we went to his house to celebrate with him. I made this minion piñata for him (or for his older cousins). He had no clue of what the game was, but managed to swing with his bat. The kids (my boys) had more fun at it than he did! IMG_7274 (1)DSC_0552 (1)


Another nephew’s birthday party coming up, so we started working on his Thomas the Train piñata. It takes a few days to finish. The boys are getting very good with the whole process now.


Since I didn’t have much time, I made a simple one. After the paint was dry, I wrapped light blue streamers and glued on a preprinted Thomas the Train picture on both sides.


Today I am thankful for the lunch…”


My nephew requested for a ninjago piñata for his birthday present. He decided on Cole, the black ninja. I didn’t have time to do a step-by-step tutorial, but making it was fairly simple. Make sure you have a few days because you need it to dry before moving on.

I got one of the empty plastic containers to mold the shape of the ninajo’s head.  With the help of the boys applying papier-mâché (who are very experienced by now), the head of ninjago was done in no time. Wait a few days after it’s dried, then paint it. Again, wait for another day to dry before wrapping black streamers around it. Last but not least, glue the ninjago eyes onto it (which was preprinted). Here you are!

Happy Birthday! Mr. H!

“Today I am thankful for getting things done…”