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Ah Lo shared his book of poems with our neighbor who also happens to be a poet (with some published work!) A few days later, we found this in the mail…IMG_8976


Yay! Just received Ah Lo’s first published book of poems! This is a year-long project and i am totally ecstatic to see the end result. These are poems he was written since third grade. From writing to illustrating, page layout to cover design, he took charge of the entire project. I am so proud of this not-so-little little guy.Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 1.38.52 PMI am putting this up for sale, not to make money (the cost to print this book exceeds the sale price). I am selling this book to family and friends just to encourage him to continue to write (since he gets to keep the proceeds).

IMG_8667Woohoo! We got another one down!


Piano recitals back to back (last night with Ah Lo and tonight with Dai Bee). In the morning, I made the boys turkey and cheese sandwich (Grand Piano) and PBJ sandwich (piano keys) for breakfast. Just felt like making them when I got up this morning since it’s been awhile. Oh I miss playing with food!IMG_7120Untitled-3

Also came in the mail today was the children’s magazine that published one of Ah Lo’s poems. Coincidentally the poem they chose to publish is about the piano which goes perfectly with our music theme this weekend.


Ah Lo wrote a poem and won 2nd place in the Literature Category at the school’s PTA Reflections Art Contest – “What is your story?” The program is a wonderful way for kids to explore their creativity in a number of different ways, including dance choreography, film production, music composition, visual arts, photography and of course, literature.

The boys have entered in the past (Dai Bee did music composition and Ah Lo, visual arts a couple years.) Since this is our last year with the school, this is not a bad souvenir to take home!



Here is another poem wrote by Ah Lo about the special holiday.

The fragrant smell of the sizzling meat,

the aroma wafting into rooms crowded with people,

gathered to celebrate the famous holiday,


Joyful and cheerful, the conversations buzz on,

until the glorious turkey pops out the oven with steam rising,

silence is presence in an instant,

then delight and glee overwhelm the crowd,

as they settle down to have one of the greatest feasts,

on a grand day with fine relatives,

and that day is none other than,

Thanksgiving, the day we are all thankful for one another.

Today received an email from a children’s online publisher interested in publishing one of Ah Lo’s poems. How exciting! Hope this encourages him to write more!


Luna, Earth’s Moon


A sphere, so pale but so bright,

shining endlessly like a big star in the sky,

revolving around Earth like a mini-planet,

lighting up the night sky with its twinkling friends,

letting Sol have her rest,

as the night sun comes to for its shift.


The Golden Grand Piano

A blur of fingers moving on black and white,

notes spilling out as fast as raindrops falling,

slower and faster again,

louder and softer as it nears the end,

but no, turning the page,

another sheet of music,

a masterpiece of art written to inspire,

memorizing as I go,

making no mistakes,

and ending with perfection.

Tonight was Back to School Night for the elementary school. By now, we pretty much know the drill, but the excitement still fills the mind. Though we know the teacher (and very grateful for having her), we still like to know everything that happens (or will) in her class. After the informational meeting, we were encouraged to walk around the class and see our child’s work. We saw art work, self portraits, crafts they’ve done so far, and then there was this poem.


Poem by Ah Lo…