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Had some ripe strawberries and didn’t know what to do with them. Not too long ago, I made mango coconut jelly. So I thought to give the strawberries a try. These turn out beautifully with a refreshing taste! Boys gave it a two thumbs up.


Meatless Monday meal – fusilli with roasted red bell peppers, pioppini mushrooms, snap peas and avocado.IMG_3493IMG_3499

For our meatless Monday meal, we have orzo with roasted vegetables: roasted red bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, button mushrooms, corn and cherry tomatoes. Didn’t even need any dressing because everything was already flavorful.IMG_2817

Dinner tonight took longer than usual because I didn’t get a chance to prep it last night. I meant to make his Hawaiian chicken skewer with couscous only to find out I didn’t have enough. Instead, I use Basmati rice (turmeric for the color) which has always been Ah Lo’s favorite. That’s why he was fighting for the biggest plate on the table.


My sister gave me Ted Allen’s cookbook a while ago, and finally had the chance to scan through it. This grilled Chile-lime shrimp with couscous, mango, and zucchini recipe popped right out. Never made couscous before and didn’t realize it’s so easy and quick to make! Everything about this was so perfect – the flavor, the color, and the texture. We absolutely loved it. Of course, the picky eater once again literally picked on it here and there while all 3 of us got seconds, and thirds. Will definitely make it again. IMG_1337IMG_1339IMG_1346

Ah Lo’s basketball team is having a year-end party. It’s a potluck so I signed up to bring a pasta salad. This is what I brought.FullSizeRender 5

Another day in the kitchen today, making a few dishes – this time for my side of the family.  As usual, we had a potluck, and everyone brought some delicious homemade food. This will probably the last time we’re ordering the turkey from KFC, folks are not too thrill about it. Anyway, here’s to another year of good health and great food!IMG_3436

We got to spend some time with some college friends today. It was a potluck, and I made salad, coffee rolls and fruit tarts. Since these are a bunch of foodies, I was under pressure to perform 🙂

Of course, the more pressure, the more nervous I get to make things perfect. I had to make two coffee rolls (because the first one cracked). This shell of this fruit tart was under baked and the pastry creme didn’t have the perfect consistency. I’ve made these before and never had this problem. This time, I just got anxious and scooped it up to the bowl. The trick to baking is to willing to accept failures. I know exactly where my mistakes were. I will keep trying, keep practicing until I get this right again. After all, “mistakes are proofs that you are trying…”IMG_9077

Had some middle school friends over today and cooked up a storm. There’s always endless topics to talk about with this group of friends. So when we go out, we always get kicked out before we can all share our stories. That’s why we decided to have it in one of our homes so we can talk/laugh without anyone constantly coming over asking if we wanted anything else. *wink* IMG_8695

It was supposed to be potluck, but somehow I did most of the cooking. One friend brought small pot of tofu soup, one brought drinks, one brought fruits, and my sister brought chicken wings and garlic enoki mushrooms.

For me, I made some rose dumplings, mini mango tart, egg leaf salad, japchae and green onion pancakes. My friends have been wanting to try my homemade bread, so it’s right there on the table! Since it’s an Asian themed brunch, I made name cards using each person’s chinese name.

gatheringfood Happy for the company, grateful for the memories, and glad everyone left with their tummies satisfied.

I was lucky enough to be working from home today because it was Ah Lo’s class winter holiday potluck. I made this garlic broccoli requested by him. There were plenty of food, from sandwiches to fried rice to mac and cheese, and many desserts and fruits to go around. Lucky kids!