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We had parent-teacher conference with Ah Lo’s teacher today.

His teacher’s comments: “Ah Lo continues to do well in 5th grade. He is clearly an advanced reader, as noted in assessments and in classroom discussions. However, I think sometimes he does not push himself as much as he could because some of the assignments are easy for him. He knows I want to try for his best effort. In informational writing, Ah Lo shows good organization, but must sometimes be prompted to add more detail or a better conclusion. He is easily able to improve his work. Mathematics continues to be a strength for Ah Lo, but he should always slow down and check his work. Ah Lo did a great job during our dance and poetry performance, even though getting up on the stage is not his ‘cup of tea.’ His artwork and organization continue to astound me.

Ah Lo has outstanding behavior in and out of the classroom. He is a thoughtful, kind and helpful person. I really want Ah Lo to reach is potential as a learner and I know with a little more effort he can do even better work. I know he will enjoy the upcoming challenges and tasks as we close out the fifth grade year. He is a special guy.

He really is…

Ah Lo’s SRI Lexile index has gone up from 1162 to 1302. What a great improvement since the beginning of this year.


Met up with Ah Lo’s teacher today for parent-teacher conference. I look forward to these conferences every time, especially this year, with this teacher. His teacher is great because she not only pushes her kids to their abilities, but I love the fact that she”differentiates.” She not only teaches the academics – reading, math, etc, but also the social aspect – manners, being responsible, etc. He has demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility thus far, i.e. by getting me to sign forms, or produces higher quality homework to meet teacher’s expectations, etc. This is something beyond the classroom, and for this, we are extremely grateful that he can blossom under her guidance.

Academically, he exceeds expectations in all areas. We are so proud of our little guy!

His teacher’s comments: “It is such a pleasure to have this hardworking and respectful young man in my class.Ah Lo is working at and above grade level in all subject areas. HIs reading fluency and comprehension level is high and regularly contributes high level thinking to our classroom discussions regarding literature. Ah Lo is an accomplished writing and consistently shows creativity, organization and detail is his essays. He is advanced in his use of punctuation in his writing and has a very high vocabulary. His math skills are high, but he does need to work on rushing through sometimes. Ah Lo has done well on the state and capitals assessments and may now move on to South America! It is a pleasure to see Ah Lo’s thoughtful and well developed artwork, which reflects his understanding of design and presentation.

Ah Lo is very respectful to me and is well regarded by his classmates. He is always kind and helpful and  has a smile on his face. Ah Lo is doing very well in his first trimester as a fifth grader.”

Ah Lo’s SRI Lexile index is: 1162. The Lexile level measures a student reader’s ability. For him, anything over 800 is above grade level. I think he jumped 200 pts since last year.

Dai Bee’s SRI Lexile is 1462.

Met up with Ah Lo’s teacher for the parent-teacher conference. He’s doing great. End of conference.

He’s improving in all areas and doing great on the materials taught this trimester. There were a couple of areas where he slipped, all because of careless errors. I was very pleased and not a bit surprise with his progress.

Again, I am one of those lucky parents who don’t need to spend a good chunk of time every night to review my children’s homework. From very early on, I’ve taught them the importance of homework is to develop independence and responsibility. I tried to stay out of their way, from everyday homework to bigger projects. However, if they ask for help, I try to keep my balance between my assistance and interference of their studies. So far, this works for us.

InstaTen…10 things currently happening in the house, Instagram style.

  1. Dai Bee started wearing his glasses as of this week. He can see things much clearer now.
  2. To help save water, boys bring a bucket to showers. The bucket collects the water while waiting for the hot water. I use the water in the bucket to wash vegetables, dishes, and/or water plants, etc. Dai Bee came up with this idea, by the way.
  3. As of now, Dai Bee is exactly 5′ (91 lbs) and Ah Lo is 4’9-3/4″ (80lbs). Both are between 75-90% percentile in height.
  4. Boys have been doing their laundry and recently recruited in the dishwashing crew.
  5. Ah Lo has picked up his passion for drawing again, and now learning with a teacher to sketch free hand. He’s in the shop at the same time while Dai Bee takes his violin lessons.
  6. Ah Lo is also taking violin lessons at school now.
  7. Ah Lo is my sous chef, helping out with dinner and making rice now every day after school. Here he is making the sauce for dinner.
  8. On top of piano and violin, Dai Bee is taking guitar lessons at school from his former choir teacher. He took guitar lessons before, but didn’t have the time to continue a third instrument. Having it at school works out perfectly.
  9. Dai Bee has been practicing piano every morning for 45-60 minutes, 5 days a week before he goes to school. After school, he’ll squeeze his time to practice violin.
  10. Boys don’t have any sports signed up for this fall.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.43.49 PM

This week is parent-teacher conferences.

We met up with Ah Lo’s teacher this morning and was thoroughly pleased with this progress. Solid in math, spelling and reading. Writing is where he shines the second part of this school year. The teacher showed us his work on opinion writing. His idea was organized and writing was focused. I am impressed with his writing skills. Hopefully he enjoys writing and continue to add more colors to it. Good job, Ah Lo!

This week is parent-teacher conferences.

First thing the teacher said, “you have such a bright kid, so talented in all areas. You are very lucky.” Ok, meeting adjourned. Just kidding, I mean, always so great to hear that from a teacher. Always proud to hear that your son is the top student of the class. Always pleased to hear that he’s reading and comprehending in higher level (on  a scale of A to Z, he is reading at level U), and solid in math. Always heartwarming for me to hear that Ah Lo is humble, confident and respectful amongst his peers. He is also an impressive visual artist and sets a very high standard of his work. As always, glad to hear that he is doing so well, both academically and socially.

Again, no surprises with Dai Bee’s report. However, there’s a disappointment with the teacher that he couldn’t challenge him more. In public schools, it’s always hard to have “extra” time with specific kids who are already doing so well. They tend to spend more time with those who are struggling. The teacher didn’t even go through his math work with us because we all know where he stands. In writing, he improved in the last trimester (received a 4/4 on his persuasive essay).  Though Dai Bee finds his studies less challenging, he’s still engaged in class. One thing worth mentioning is that he does slack off with his homework, but takes his tests very seriously.

Overall, the boys are doing a wonderful job in school. Hopefully will keep up the good work and make this mama proud!

Today I am thankful for my rain boots…”

This week is parent-teacher conferences.

Ah Lo is doing great academically and socially. It always feels good when the teacher makes the comment “you have a very bright boy.” He’s reading level is also higher than most of his classmates. However, the teacher suggests that he should slow down because he misses the details in the story. He has a great attitude in class and learning and is very well liked by his peers. Ah Lo is a very curious little boy. He asks the spot-on questions when learning new things. I’m super duper proud of this guy.

Dai Bee’s progress: Nothing new except the teacher actually said he doesn’t have much more things to challenge him in Math. He’s a quick learner and always hungry for more. Dai Bee needs to work on his writing skills. He makes his points direct and short. Sometimes it’s good, depends on what the topic is. However, sometimes he’s too lazy to elaborate. And of course, mama’s advice is never as good as the teacher’s. Luckily, the teacher agreed with me on that point.

Overall, the boys are doing a wonderful job in school. Hopefully will keep up the good work and make this mama proud!

Today I am thankful for my rain boots…”

This week is parent-teacher conferences. Though I keep an open communication with both teachers, I always look forward to these conferences just to know their progress.

Ah Lo is doing great academically. He’s reading two grades above level. In Math, he’s doing just as advanced.  He gets along with all his classmates. On the report, the teacher stated he needs to stay focus during class. I suggested to move him around if he keeps up with the chatting during class. The teacher laughed and said, “well, basically, he’s very sociable.”

Dai Bee’s progress: Nothing new. Doing great work but need to work on his penmanship and critical thinking skills.  He needs to be more careful with his work, as always. The teacher said he enjoys the math challenges which support problem solving and analytical skills. Again, no surprises there.

Overall, the boys are doing a wonderful job in school. Hopefully will keep up the good work and make this mama proud!

Today I am thankful for some wonderful teachers…”

We showed up a bit early for Ah Lo’s conference, thinking there was much to say about him. After going through his class work, there was a moment of awkward silence. He’s one of the advanced ones in her class and the teacher ended by telling us he is definitely ready for first grade. Yes, he gets along with all his peers. In fact, most girls are already thinking about marrying him. He loves to read and write (especially love letters to his teacher). The two concerns the teacher brought up was he likes to chit chat when he’s not supposed to (instruction times) and often takes a long time to get started on his work. At the end of the day, he will finish it. He likes to observe what others around him are doing, then comment and/or smile. It’s all about the smile, the teacher said, that you really can’t get mad at him. From the last conference, he has grown to a bit more mature and a bit more confident boy.

Nothing major to worry about (yet…).

“Today I am thankful to hear Ah Lo’s great progress…”

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Though I have mini conferences throughout the year with the boys’ teachers, I always look forward to parent-teacher conferences. Today is with Dai Bee’s teacher.

Academically, he’s doing great. He’s ready to move on to the next grade level tomorrow (even though they have 3 more months to go). We didn’t spent too much time in this area. Instead we discussed other areas of concerns: being responsible, taking more pride in his work (instead of rushing through it), following instructions and stay more focused.

Don’t know when he starts to forget to do complete his assignment. I’ve taught him the big “R” word (Responsibility)  before he turned 3! I noticed as he’s growing older and older, the less and less attention he’s paying to this word. And it doesn’t bother him!

He often rushes through his work without double checking them. There are times when his teacher returns his work to have him redo it because it was done hastily. The teacher mentions that there are problems in tests or assignments he missed because he was in a rush to turn it in. He needs to take more pride in his work. Yes, he can produce, but sometimes, less is more — less work with more in depth.

At home or in the classroom, he needs to follow instructions. When we ask him to do something, many times he  takes his time to finish what he was doing, or simply ignore our calls. In school, if the teacher asks to write down daily assignments, he would continue to read knowing he could write down the assignments in 30 seconds.

Lastly, he needs to learn how to stay focused. Yes, he’s advanced. He picks up the materials pretty quickly; therefore, instead of tuning out, he needs to take initiatives by asking questions or by doing more independent studies. Recently, he raised interest in learning calculus. Sure the teacher can show him things, but he needs to have a strong foundation in the basics before getting there.

We included Dai Bee in this conference because we feel he should know that the teacher and his parents are working together with him.

He has a lot more to learn. So do I.

“Today I am thankful for Dai Bee’s teacher’s time with us, and his patience for Dai Bee…”