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Ah Lo’s felt project. He said he got a B for this.IMG_0939


Ah Lo has a project due next week and I’m having him finish it this week. His teacher will probably think I’m one of those “tiger moms.” Anyway, it’s a long weekend, and thankfully, we are pretty free this weekend, why not?! I assisted, but tried my best to stay away because I will probably “take over” the project if I am near. screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-42-05-am

Ah Lo’s creation of Jamestown and their environment. My hands are itching to add more, but reminded myself, this is a 5th grader’s project after all.


A trip to the Exploratorium inspired us yet another family-bonding project by the toothpick artist, Scott Weaver.  No, we’re not as ambitious as he, so we are just trying to have some fun and bring creativity to this project, with a little bit of our engineering skills. Here we are tempted to build a bridge. Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.20.22 PM

My nephews and niece have already started on the project a couple of days ago.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.36.26 PM

Ah Lo’s California Mission project is due today. Besides the full page essay he is turning in, he also has a visual art piece. He worked on it during winter break and completed a couple of days ago. He came up with this idea, drew the courtyard and the mission surroundings. With his directions, I helped him print / cut out the figures. I was able to control myself and didn’t “take over” his project. I kept remind myself that this is HIS project, and HE should be the one working on it. Today at school, I saw some crazy impressive dioramas, almost professionally done. I was glad I let him do it by himself.


While walking Ah Lo to school today, I noticed many students were carrying their visual presentations to school. All third graders were to work on a detailed report on an animal of their choice. The assignment was given to them a month ago and he finished it last week. I even reviewed it with him yesterday and made sure he placed the report in his backpack. This morning he asked me if I could help him with Powerpoint since he wanted to present his report using Powerpoint. He told me it was due Friday. Seeing all the kids with their visuals in hand made me second guessed the actual due date of the visuals. He stared at me blankly and said, “oh, I think the presentation is also due today.”

While I was fuming, I blame myself for not paying attention more closely to his assignments. A memo was sent out to parents about this project earlier. I read it, signed it and put it on my calendar. I just knew a report was due, but not aware of the presentation. While I thought it was his responsibility for his assignments, I blame myself for overlooking the details of the memo. Anyway, I called the teacher and she would still accept the late work. We will spend the time tonight to do it.  A typical case of second child syndrome. Sigh.

We had a creative Saturday. I suggested for a painting session with the boys and they were totally up for it. Ah Lo invited his friend over to join the fun. With pizza boxes (which we got free from a local pizza joint), Mr. Piggy converted them to easels. I bought canvasses from Michael’s last summer (when they were on sale). We finally get to use them today! I set up the art station in front of the house 1) to avoid cleaning up the mess and 2) to sell cupcakes and cookies. The boys were painting and selling cupcakes and cookies at the same time. How fun was that?! We made $14.50 in two hours. Obviously we did it for fun, and not for the money.



IMG_3770 IMG_3771

Projects, projects and projects kept us busy this weekend.

Let’s start off with Dai Bee – he’s working on his project of what multiculturalism means to him. Before we started, we discussed what the word means – the word “multi’ means many, so many cultures all mixed in one place. From there, we were throwing ideas out of what we wanted to make. He had a choice to write an essay about it or presenting it through art. Well, he chose the latter. I suggested to do colored hand prints on a poster board. He thought that was a fun idea and off to work we go.

Starting out with yellow, we mixed in with blue to get more colors. We just want to be creative, surely there are no green colored skin out there, at least not yet!

Adding more colors to the poster board.

We waited for the paint to dry before doing anything more. After dinner, Dai Bee continued with painting the planet Earth in the center of the poster.

Dai Bee finished it up with the caption “Multiculturalism means ALL IN ONE.” The words “ALL IN ONE” were done with sponges dipped in the leftover paint.

Simultaneously, I was helping Ah Lo with his “Robot” project for school. This week, the class is learning the letter “R” and parents were asked to help building the Robot withe the preschooler. Before we started, I asked Ah Lo to gather what we can use around the house to build this Robot. He came back with:

We started gluing and taping the arms and legs of the robot with the tissue rolls.

Next, major GLUING – first, the stars as the eyes, then soda caps as the buttons.

DECORATING –  wrapping the aluminum foil on the legs, and adding the hands/gloves inside the tube.

Here’s the fun part – decorating the face. Ah Lo punched out a red circle as the nose, and drew a smiley face. I helped him add a tube, topped with some gift wrap accents.

At the very last minute, Ah Lo gave me a toy that can play music when pushed the button. I nearly tore the Robot’s body apart in order to place this toy inside the body of the Robot. Ah Lo named his Robot “Max, the Singing Robot.”

He was happy with it.

This was his Robot we made for last year.

“Today I am thankful to be able to work with the boys…”

Dai Bee had a book report as an assignment for his winter break. He was nearly done with it on the book called “Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket. He read before the break. On Christmas day, he received a book about the ocean as a gift called “Ocean World” and decided to change his report on this book instead. For the book report due, there were pages of questions about the book that needs to be answered. On top of it, the teacher encouraged the students to do a small presentation to go along with it. The good thing about this “Ocean World” book is that it had a big poster that came with it. Great! We’re all done!

Last weekend my niece came over, and itching for some projects to do, I suggested to take one step further with the writing assignment. Together, the three of us, Dai Bee, my niece, and I brainstormed, designed, then implemented the Ocean diorama.

We started off with a big shoe box.

My niece drew the waves for Dai Bee to cut out. There were green and blue just to give it some contrast.

While I did most of cutting, my niece glued the fish into place. She even taught me how to get the fish to pop-out! Dai Bee helped her cutting and folding the stands. With those, the ocean floor came to life!

It was already 10:30pm, Dai Bee went to bed, but my niece didn’t stop there! She took it like her own project and surely went overboard! She added this and that, until she was satisfied with…

Hopefully Dai Bee could impress his teacher on his great writing skills rather than this diorama. This would pass as something a 2nd grader is capable of doing, right? Or maybe I’m just one of those overachieving moms? Today the truth is told.

“Today I am thankful for my niece’s help…”

After 3 weeks, we finally saw results! Nope, we didn’t get enough crystals to hang on the yarn, but they were forming like they were supposed to! The instructions told us to place this in a warm area, perhaps we should have done it during summer time.  Now we move on to the next one…

“Today I am thankful the boys are playing so well together…”