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Woke up early to make sure Dai Bee has a hearty and healthy breakfast. Made sure he had all the documents and materials he needs for his test this morning. Mr. Piggy drove him there with a little extra time, gave him a phone (turned off of course) and wished him luck on his SAT.

At 9:10am, I received a call from Dai Bee, from Mr. Piggy’s phone. Immediately I thought it was odd, he couldn’t have finished it that quick?! Dai Bee’s voice carried a heavy disappointment, even cracked a little when he told me he was kicked out of the testing center because Mr. Piggy’s [stupid] phone went off. He had no idea the phone’s functionality, nor did he expect that it would go off.

When he came back, [while trying to hide my anger over Mr. Piggy’s phone], I explained to Dai Bee it wasn’t his fault and he shouldn’t feel bad about it at all.  I do feel bad for him though, knowing how he is, I just hope this incident wouldn’t affect him taking tests in the future.


A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}


After an exciting game this morning, we detoured to the Locke Historic District near Sacramento before heading home. This is an unincorporated area built by Chinese immigrants during the early 1900’s. We stopped by the visitor center (also known as the boarding house) and found out the town is named Locke, after George Locke, who owned the land. He leased to the Chinese, at a time when Chinese people were not allowed to own land. All the museums are free and let us roam around. The attractions include besides the visitor’s center: a Chinese language school, a museum, a memorial garden, a gambling hall, a theatre, and a meeting place (even had a round of Chinese chess), all within walking distance.  There was a calligraphy lesson in the Chinese school, so we sat down and practiced.

The whole district consisted of 2 main blocks, so it was a nice stroll. Locke is certainly unique with rustic charm and surrounded with “lost in time” feel. Happy we decided the detour for this opportunity to learn about the rich history of Chinese immigrants. It’s definitely worth the visit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.45.19 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.45.28 AM

From the website: Locke is the only remaining authentic Chinese village in the United States of America. Although many cities in America have a Chinatown, Locke is the only separate Chinese community that was built by, and exclusively for, Chinese immigrants. Locke was virtually unknown outside of California until a book entitled “Bitter Melon” by Jeff Gillenkirk with photographs by James Motlow was published.  At one time, 600 residents, all of whom were Chinese, lived in this three square block community. Now the permanent population of the town is less than 100, and less than a dozen of the residents are Chinese. The origin of the Chinese town of Locke dates back to 1915 when a fire in the neighboring town of Walnut Grove destroyed the city’s Chinatown. Locke was established by Lee Bing, on land owned by George Locke in 1915. There were two sections in the Walnut Grove Chinatown, one of which was populated by Chinese immigrants from Chungshan (中山) and the other by immigrants from Sze Yap in China. The Chungshan group decided to rebuild their community a half mile south of Walnut Grove where there were already three buildings in a tiny hamlet called Lockeport.

My niece (aka The Girl) has been bugging me to teach her to drive. She got her permit last month and was anxious to sit behind the wheels. I suggested for her to take some lessons first since the instructor will have the “brake” function (which normal cars lack). After two lessons, she got more comfortable and so we met up. We drove around the neighborhood, circling quiet blocks to practice her turning. I still remember the day I learned to drive, it was scary for me. The Girl needs more practice. I’m sure she’ll do fine. Until then, make sure to stay off the road!


A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}IMG_5914.jpg

Two years ago, got glasses for Dai Bee. It’s inevitable Ah Lo will need a pair (thanks to Mr. Piggy’s genes), just didn’t think so soon. He failed the vision test at school. So here he is, getting new pair. All of a sudden, he says, the world is so much clearer. img_5854

this is so true…

Happy first day of summer.

We’ve already stepped into summer by letting the boys sleep half an hour later (9p instead of 8:30p). Normally we don’t have the TV on weekdays (or heck, even weekends) because there’s really nothing good on these days (we only have the basic channels). Lately, we’re all hooked on NBC’s America’s Got Talent show. What first thrilled the boys was a group of dancers from Africa called Zuma Zuma. This group not only danced, but did all sorts of dangerous and exciting acrobatic moves. Every day, Ah Lo wanted to see Zuma Zuma. In fact, he doesn’t even know the name of the show, he’d say “Is Zuma Zuma on tonight?” I had to explain to them that they won’t show up every single show as this is a talent show. There are lots of talents out there in America, and we get to see it them every week. Now, every Tuesday, they made sure they finished their dinners early and read their books before 8pm when the show starts.

Besides Piers, Sharon and Howie, there are a new panel of judges which comprise of moi, Dai Bee and Ah Lo. We decide on our own if the act should go to Vegas or not. The boys almost always give a ‘Yes” to every single performance, even for the Paper Horn guy. Of course, it’s a very hard to get a “Yes” vote from me. Now every Tuesdays, I look forward to spend ‘quality’ time for my boys for that one hour.

“Today I am thankful for the delicious sweet watermelon…”

Wow, this would be 501st post. Then again, I can never get tired of talking about my kids, how they’re doing, or not doing. Every day I learned so much about them and about myself. I find myself staring at them more and more each day and longer and longer each time because I want to mentally record their actions, their conversations, and their silliness. Because I’m always all over the place, with work and personal errands, I find my memory is slowly fading. This is actually my biggest fear that one day, these memories will be washed away. Hopefully this blog will stay as long as possible. In case one day, I do lose my memory, I will look back at this document to get to know them again.

I seriously didn’t think I’d be blogging for this long. Today the truth is told.

Today I am thankful for my nephew’s dinner...”

Today, Ah Lo’s friend invited us to Pump-It Up for a birthday party. The mom sent us an e-mail to save the date, and said that her son only wanted to invite those who he’s close with in class. So, I asked Ah Lo, tell me something about this friend of yours. “He’s not my friend, he’s just someone I played with every once in while.” Oh? Hmm…and we’re invited?

We promptly showed up on time, not knowing who the birthday boy was. We’ve never met the parents so we acted like kindergarteners on the first day of school. We perused the dozen or so parents standing there, and made eye contact with the one that gestured “we’re hosts of the party.” Before we got to them, they stepped forward and introduced themselves. Yep, it was the first time seeing them, and the birthday boy.

The boys quickly got into the jumpers and turned on their sweat faucet. Mr. Piggy and I, not knowing anyone there, sat and watched. It was great because we finally could carry on a conversation without being interrupted. It was until when everyone gathered to sing the birthday song when I took a good look at the birthday boy. Ah, so, he is Connor, the boy whom Ah Lo plays with every now and then.

Today I am thankful for the birthday party…”