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My side of the family is going for the CNY celebration today. We had to switch it from yesterday due to schedule conflict (Dai Bee has a choir performance he can’t get out of). Anyway, one sister and I cooked most of the food. I made the tea leaf eggs, braised beef brisket and tendons, and this new dish I learned called “yee sang” (魚生) or “low hey” (撈起) or also known as the “prosperity toss.” It’s the vibrant color of this salad that first caught my eyes. Pretty simple to make, but lots of chopping to do. With smoked salmon (center) and shredded vegetable, this salad is apparently pretty popular in Southeast Asia during Chinese New Year. You can pretty much add whatever you like.

Here I shredded: purple cabbage, carrots, green onions (and cilantro) red and yellow bell peppers. I deep fried the wonton skin strips (in advance) and bought seaweed salad. I also made the special sauce with dill, orange juice, sugar, orange juice and sesame paste. It was a huge hit!img_5874

Some of us grabbed the chopsticks to partake in this tossing ceremony known as literally ‘to toss up one’s good fortune’ in Cantonese). This mixing of the salad is to ring in a new year full of abundance and prosperity. Here’s to a new tradition!

Pork chops for dinner tonight with simple caesar salad. Dai Bee asked “no rice?” The boys are growing since this doesn’t fill them up. They were digging through the “snack drawer” and munch on the cheese sticks and fruits right after dinner.


With kids out of the house (staying with my sister), Mr. Piggy could have gone out for nice quiet dinner. However, knowing this is a big weekend (Mother’s Day weekend), it will be hard to find decent restaurants at such a late time. In addition, we are limited to vegetarian only since I’m on a veggie diet today. With leftovers here and there, I managed to whip up a salad for myself and egg white dried scallop fried rice (瑤柱蛋白炒飯) for Mr. Piggy. I was actually happy with my salad because it was exactly what I wanted to eat. After dinner, we watched a couple of old Chinese movies. Couldn’t ask for a better date night.


Very seldom do we eat lunch and dinner at home on a weekend because we are always packed with activities. Today is one of those days too lazy to go out for lunch. Checked in the freezer and found some potstickers I wrapped yesterday. That’s our simple lunch. P.S. I accidentally grabbed the wrong kind of skin (normally would get the dumpling skin-thinner). However, the thickness of the skin gives a greater crunch, not bad at all.


Dai Bee also had his piano recital today. After his recital, we made a quick stop at Costco’s and picked up baby spinach and $5 roast chicken. Everyone made their own salad. Happy to know this dinner costs $10, which fed 4!


Our Thanksgiving volunteer started our day early. We did this last year, and this year, we went with the Girl and her two older sisters. I am glad my boys woke up early, no complaints and got right into work as soon as we got there.

This year, we visited another couple who, as always, anxious to share with us their life stories.


As usual, off to the inlaws celebrate Thanksgiving with them. They always have their traditional meal with a turkey, ham, a tons of vegetables. It took a long time to roast the turkey so we didn’t eat until close to 9pm. By that time, Mr. Piggy and I didn’t eat much, especially with all the carbs – mashed potatoes and sweet yam puree. I just munch on my salad and a little bit of turkey. I must say, this year’s turkey was one of the best ones I had. Mr. Piggy’s cousin roasted and it was on the spot!


For fun, I also brought a cheese platter:


Trying out a new recipe today, from Martha Stewart’s Roasted vegetables with Quinoa for our meatless Monday meals. Brussel sprouts and butternut squash are not the boys’ favorite. In fact, I think this is the first time they are trying these two vegetables. It took them a long time to finish the meal.

veggies veggies2

Here’s some samples of the salad we had for lunch to go with Mr. Piggy and my low carb diet…


Not that I’m complaining, but having to make two separate meals for the kids and the adults, who are on a low carb diet, is surely a challenge. But…witnessing the result of Mr. Piggy (eating healthier and feeling better) is my biggest motivation to continue with more healthy recipes. Tonight, I am throwing whatever I have and mix the vibrant colors. I think the sweetness of the mangoes helps balance the taste when eating the coarse texture of the diced chicken (breast).  Again, no dressing added.


I normally don’t add dressing to my salads, but I thought for Mr. Piggy, it might be too bland for tonight’s dinner. So I made my very own raspberry dressing – it was very refreshing and super easy to make.

Blend in fresh raspberries, cilantro, garlic, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard and few drops of olive oil.


Power greens, mango strips, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, and craisins.IMG_9328

Lately, I’ve had Mr. Piggy start on a no/low carb diet for health issues. Here’s a guy who had rice, bread, pasta all his life, and now all of a sudden, we have to start eating “healthy.” Though he’s not very happy about it, but he’s a trooper. In the last 2-1/2 weeks, he lost 6 lbs so far! I’ve been preparing more healthier food for him and getting him to exercise. We are slowly getting there.

Breakfast: Fruit bowl with mint


Breakfast: Apples, blueberries, and hard boiled egg


LUNCH: spinach, tomatoes, turkey meat and portobello mushrooms


LUNCH: kale, turkey breast, cucumber, organic beet and pistacchio


LUNCH: minced pork meat, tomatoes, corn, mangoes, tofu, and cucumber noodles


DINNER: tomatoes, chicken mushrooms, okra and salmon


DINNER: roasted brussel sprouts, tofu and shrimp and some greens


DINNER: string beans shitake mushrooms, quinoa and salmon