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Just updated our trip to the backcountry.



Just updated our trip to East Coast.


Booked a cabin months ago in hopes of getting onto the slopes for a weekend getaway. It was pretty dry here out in the west. Though there were no snow, it didn’t stop us for some fun!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.46.56 AM

Our cabin was not cleaned at the time of our arrival. I was upset and complained to the property manager (still waiting to hear back). The boys who sat in the car for 4 hours were anxious to get out. They tackled on some football while waiting for the cabin to be ready. Yes, Ah Lo is in shorts! That’s how warm it is. Luckily there were board games inside the cabin to keep these boys occupied (when we did get in after 45 minutes outside). The next day, we had chicken porridge for lunch and beef fajita for dinner.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.47.05 AM

Many ski resorts were closed due to lack of snow. Boreal was close by and opened. The plus side was they have a couple of easy slopes for beginners which was what we needed. Of course they make fake snow, but doesn’t matter since we were ready to get some runs. For lunch, we saved by bringing our own cup-o-noodles. They charge 50 cents for hot water, which was no big deal (compared to a $6 skimpy hot dog).

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.21.52 AM

The whole trip was short and relaxing. Kids got to ski and hang out with their cousins. Hopefully this short ski trip has enough good ski memories to last until next time.

This weekend our small family of 20 rented a cabin and hid in the mountains of Tahoe. Besides playing with their cousins, they also have a little friend, Mango.

The highlight of the getaway was the rafting trip at the Truckee River, a first for the boys. They weren’t too happy about being wet in the beginning, and started to cry when got splashed by the water guns. After lunch (packing our own sandwiches), the boys got used to the idea of getting wet. We even stopped by a shallow area for them to splash water at each other. Before we head home, we stopped by the beach to get more sun and more wet!

Just updated our weekend getaway to Tahoe.

Today, a small group of us booked a private tour to the Safari West in Santa Rosa. The kids were excited the moment they woke up. If you ask me, I think this would be probably as close to a safari as one gets without leaving California. Id’ say it’s a halfway point between a true natural preserve and a zoo. It was a fairly good experience if you’ve never been to one. The package included a 45-minute walking tour before hopping on to a jeep for the real experience. (Tip: make sure to bring a thin jacket, yes, even when you see the sun! The jeep we rode was all open, so the wind made things just a bit chilly, especially in the shaded area.)

We walked around and I went crazy snapping while the wild African guinea hens running around! It was so nice to take pictures of these animals without a fence in front of us. The guide, with a nice touch of wit, made the tour more interesting by throwing some of the fascinating facts about cheetahs, porcupine, fox, monkey, and so forth.

We ended the walking tour strolling through an aviary where we watched the most unique and beautiful birds and ducks up close and personal. Of course, you would need to be there to see all these lovely birds!

After that, we took a short bathroom break before jumping onto the jeep! The two-hour somewhat bumpy ride took us into a 400-acre African savanna. The guide drove, stopped, gave us info, and off again. We saw ostrich, antelope, oryx, buffalo, and wildebeests. We were mooned by rhinos, stopped by antelopes, bedazzled by zebras, and sniffed by the tallest giraffe!

Safari West is different from an ordinary zoo is that many of the animals have an extensive amount of room to explore. The animals seem to be genuinely content. The visit was a bit pricey, but the money goes towards the conservation of these animals and the staff ensures that you have a wonderful and educational visit!

We left shortly after the tour without trying out their restaurant. Lodging accommodations are also an option which we didn’t do this time around. Just something to consider on our next visit!

“Today I am thankful for having this Safari experience with my boys…”

Just came back from a nice, fun and relaxed camping trip.

Here’s my blog about it.

Came back from a short trip to Irvine to attend my sister’s graduation. Short and sweet.

We went to Donner Tahoe this weekend. A short but relaxing trip. Well, there was a little bump in the middle where we didn’t expect. Regardless, it was rather an enjoyable getaway.

We rented a condo that’s very close to the ski resort – Donner Tahoe Ski Resort. This condo, located on third floor, was very  tiny – didn’t even have a stove (and we brought food to cook…UGH). The condo had a flimsy portable range top which took forever to make anything. At least it has a rice cooker. We made rice and spam on the first day. Yummmm….

Here’s the view from the condo.

We did manage to build this snowman…yeah, looks kinda spooky…

First time taking skiing lesson, and the little guy didn’t do too well. He cried for the first 15 minutes. Once he got the hang of it, he seemed to enjoy it. We got him the private lesson because class was only one hour vs. 2-1/2 hours for group lessons. I didn’t think he could stand for that long!

This is Dai Bee’s third ski lesson. Surprisingly, after class ended (2-1/2 hours later), he wanted to continue to ski. Hopefully, he can ski with us on our next trip.

Of course in the middle of his class, I got a call from the condo landlord. Apparently, there was a mix up with the rental dates and that we had to evacuate immediately. After all the hustle and bustle, we got another condo, much more inferior than the one we rented. We ended up going out that night to hoo…

On our way back, we stopped by a snow park ($5). I guess it was still early because the park was empty. Riding the sled was a great way to end this trip!

“Today I am thankful for a smooth ride home…”