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This is Dai Bee’s first day at the entrepreneur camp! It’s our first time enrolling in this camp. I am excited for the things he’s going to learn but not too crazy about the drive to get him there. The camp is located about 25 miles from our house, but requires 1 to 1.5 hours to get there (because of traffic). This means, I will be spending 3 hours on the road every day. Yes, we’ve tried to map out the time if he was to take public transportation, but there would be too much transfers from one bus to another. It wasn’t worth it. Luckily my job is flexible enough to allow me to work with this schedule. Thank goodness it’s only 2 weeks! When I picked him up, the first thing he said to me, “this camp is fun, I am really enjoying it” – makes everything all worthwhile, right?

The camp consists of 28 people, and it is divided into 4 groups. Each group has a company they want to work with. Everyone in the group has a role he/she plays. Dai Bee is the CFO who is in charge of the flow of funds. When he came back home, I saw how eager he was to set up a survey to market the company’s product – efficient lighting. He told me he learned so much in one day about finance and marketing, customer service, the innovation and the backbone of the company.

No, I’m not thinking that he will be start his own business after this camp! I hope he can pick up new skills that he can take with him – teamwork, thinking outside the box, negotiation, some fundamental business skills, including communications and leadership and as a bonus, experience entrepreneurialism.

The boys wrote thank you letters to camp leaders/founders for the camp they just went to. Here are a couple of them.


Today, our honeymoon is officially over. The boys are back from their camp! Mr. Piggy and I had such a great time that we are having this tradition of sending off the boys every summer.

Adding icing on the cake was to know the boys had a blast with this outdoor camp (besides an incident of bullying and bathroom condition). They enjoyed it very much and are already thinking of going back next year. Waking at 7am and going to bed at 10:15pm every day, their days were filled with activities – from riflery to archery, kayaking to crafting, they were busy for sure. Yes, even washing bathrooms was one of the activities they did in camp, which were done without much complaints.

On one night, Dai Bee even hiked up in the mountains with the big boys with just a backpack, cooked and slept there, the primitive way. Ah Lo was too young so he went back to the campsite before dark. I was worried the boys not drinking enough water or forgetting to apply suntan lotion. It turned out that every camper was responsible to bring their own water bottle. If they forget, they had to do 20 pushups. Camp leaders all made sure the campers lather their face with suntan lotion throughout the day. Kids also did the “walk of shame” when they put their elbow/hand on table, as this teaches them proper table manner, which i thought was great!

From their first meeting as strangers to leaving the group with friendships (as they hi-five each other bidding farewell), the boys and their fellow campers bonded so much during the 7-day camp. This camp not only educate boys on skills for outdoor living, but set a mission to inspire the next generation to become leaders. They have succeeded since Dai Bee told me he wants to become a counselor one day. This camp connects the younger generations with wildlife in the world we share through responsibilities and respect. Clearly, this was an unforgettable experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

Sending off my two boys to an offsite outdoor camp this week. Can’t wait to hear about it a week from now. I am sure I will miss them dearly since we will be out of contact for a week. Then again, it’s nice to get a break (first one in 10 years).


Dai Bee is enrolled in an academic camp for the next 5 weeks. This camp is more like a school as they give out homework and quizzes throughout the course. Glad that didn’t bother Dai Bee. In fact, he actually enjoys his classes: Chemistry, Psychology, HS Algebra and Coding/Robotics. Ah Lo is going to the same camp with him this week, except it’s more fun and games for him.

Sending Dai Bee of to college…well, more like a mock college for the next weeks. He will be staying at the dorm, going to school at campus, doing his laundry, etc. He took a test to get into this program last summer. With the test scores, he qualifies for certain classes, which he opted to take Inductive and Deductive Reasoning. When we dropped him off, I noticed 85% of the students/families are Asians/Asian descent! I was a bit surprised at the lack of diversity, but I later found out many were from all around the US. His roommate is from Florida! We spoke with his teacher and his RA, and we left knowing that he will have a positive learning and social experience.

IMG_9247 IMG_9249

This morning I dropped Dai Bee off at his first overnight music camp. This camp was recommended to us by his orchestra director. I’ve talked to some students, parents and researched online and thought it’d be an amazing experience for our budding musician.

There was this incredible amount of creative energy as soon as we arrived as the camp was surrounded in redwood trees, overflowed with the magic of nature. After we signed in, checked for hair lice, and was introduced to his group. I met his counselor and CIT, both young, seemed very energetic, inspiring and dedicated. I was the only parent lingering around being the over-worried mom I am. We walked across the suspension bridge and and he settled in a huge deck with many beds. I thought, what an awesome experience to be sleeping under the stars and redwoods. He was too busy on his book and waved at me when I left. I am sure he would be making new friends. I miss him already.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.42.32 AM

Last week, the boys finally finished their last week at Camp G. The camp’s theme inspired by Renaissance Art. Using hands on-art, science and outdoor activities, the campers learned about the Renaissance while having fun! What I liked about this camp is that it allows kids to brainstorm, create and think about their work. At the end of the week, the kids are so proud as they showcased their projects.

1. This week’s theme: Leonardo’s Apprentice

2. Renaissance style self portrait by Ah Lo

3. Drama Theatre built by Dai Bee

4. Art Station

5. Boys attempt to perfect the crane so that it can operate smoothly 

6. Paint station

7. Automon, made by Dai Bee, is a self-operating machine used to show movies during the Renaissance

8. Dai Bee showing off his theater

9. Ah Lo presenting his paper-mache neo-classical cloud-filled dome

10. Renaissance crane built by Ah Lo.

While showing me his paper crane, Ah Lo told me it wasn’t perfect yet because he kept making mistakes. I told him making mistakes is a part of the innovative process. One day, he’d be building real ones.

“Today I am thankful for the start of a new week…”

This is the second week to the boys’ third summer camp adventure. Yes, they are all over the place this summer! They are focusing on the ART in the Renaissance period this week. Boys told me they learned about Da Vinci and Cornelius. They found out (and I learned) Cornelius is one of the first to invent the mechanical clock.

Last week, the camp was engaged in the Olympics theme.

“Today I am thankful for the beautiful weather…”

Lego Camp is coming to an end. The week just flew by with all kinds of fun and creativity. I had planned to make bento lunches for the boys on this very last day. However, I didn’t plan on making 7 of them. They asked me to make it for their friends at the camp.

I didn’t plan on calling the parents that I was making because I didn’t even know if I can succeed!  Anyhow, I did it!

“Today I am thankful for the company outing…”