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Finally, one excuse after another, we finally got back to learning Chinese. Since Dai Bee is already taking Chinese in high school, I am only spending time with Ah Lo (for now). With such a long break, all we could do now is review the previous lessons. Of course with any language, once you put it down, you lose it. Tonight I felt we were starting from scratch. IMG_2615


This is our latest gig – I ask everyone (including myself) to bring one new vocabulary (one we don’t know before) to dinner on “Meaningful Monday” or “Wordy Wednesday.” We have been doing this for several weeks now. I realized my vocabulary is so poor. At least now, we all learn at least 4 new words a week. I also decided to pick up a book and started to read, as I know this is the only way to learn new words. IMG_0725

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}IMG_7162

Our Chinese lessons have cut a couple of days because of the boys activities (basketball practice and fencing). Therefore, I try to squeeze in longer lessons (moans and groans) and even during dinner (for reviews). I’m just glad they still want to continue.


My niece (aka The Girl) has been bugging me to teach her to drive. She got her permit last month and was anxious to sit behind the wheels. I suggested for her to take some lessons first since the instructor will have the “brake” function (which normal cars lack). After two lessons, she got more comfortable and so we met up. We drove around the neighborhood, circling quiet blocks to practice her turning. I still remember the day I learned to drive, it was scary for me. The Girl needs more practice. I’m sure she’ll do fine. Until then, make sure to stay off the road!


Ah Lo is taking lessons from his brother lately. Apparently the last few years, Ah Lo’s teacher didn’t touch any of the musicianship skills. Therefore, on Monday nights, Ah Lo would have a lesson with Dai Bee, training the ears, learning “notation” and tonal skills sight reading and how to execute the song. There are much to learn and at times, Dai Bee can be pretty tough on his brother. He will constantly test Ah Lo to see if he really understand what was taught. I enjoyed sitting in their lessons, might even learn a thing or two myself.


Last night our Chinese lesson revolves around CNY theme – writing calligraphy. It is tradition families decorate with red banners inside and out of the house during this time of year. Greetings and phrases related Chinese new year are written on these banners. I had the boys wrote their 4-word greetings on a piece of red sheet. They practiced their Chinese calligraphy as well as learning the words and meanings of the phrases.


Today for our Chinese curriculum, I had the boys write Christmas cards in Chinese, mainly to the older generation. Writing Christmas cards is also one of the countdown activities. Basically, I’m killing two birds in one stone!


Dai Bee is taking on a new role starting this month! He’s a piano teacher now, teaching at beginning level and charging minimum wage. His first two students are his cousins who come weekly. While teaching, he’s also learning at the same time. We’ll see how far this goes.



InstaTen…10 things currently happening or have happened, Instagram style.

  1. Dai Bee has been going to the senior home to play music most weekends. Sometimes he may get requests by elders’ family.
  2.  Boys first experience with Segway, and they loved it.
  3. Went on our annual coastal clean up. This year their cousin came along and pitched in to help.
  4. Writing chinese calligraphy now has become our Sunday morning ritual. After breakfast, the boys would write 5 pages while Mr. Piggy and I just relax or read. A quiet time enjoyed by all.
  5. My favorite part of the Chinese curriculum is when I teach the boys a new song, and they sing it.
  6. Ah Lo studying root words, also part of our weekend morning ritual.
  7. On weekends, I’ll ask the boys to make breakfast. Otherwise, they will go for easiest choice – cereal. This morning, they are making French toast sticks.
  8. Dai Bee is diligently working on H.S. applications lately, and this is one of them.
  9. Boys enjoying fencing class.
  10. Even after the election is over, we are still talking about it. I’m happy that the results of this election serve as a wake up call for the younger generation and give them more of a drive and incentive to make positive changes in the future.