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Another day in the kitchen today, making a few dishes – this time for my side of the family.  As usual, we had a potluck, and everyone brought some delicious homemade food. This will probably the last time we’re ordering the turkey from KFC, folks are not too thrill about it. Anyway, here’s to another year of good health and great food!IMG_3436


For my inlaws, we had a small party, but so much food. Good thing we didn’t have turkey. Only one of Mr. Piggy’s cousin (who happens to be a vegetarian) came along with my inlaws. She brought her vegetarian (traditional) dishes and I made mine. We originally agreed just to make a little bit of everything, but got carried away. Glad everyone enjoyed the food. Tomorrow is another feast…IMG_0464IMG_20171123_180441

Here is another poem wrote by Ah Lo about the special holiday.

The fragrant smell of the sizzling meat,

the aroma wafting into rooms crowded with people,

gathered to celebrate the famous holiday,


Joyful and cheerful, the conversations buzz on,

until the glorious turkey pops out the oven with steam rising,

silence is presence in an instant,

then delight and glee overwhelm the crowd,

as they settle down to have one of the greatest feasts,

on a grand day with fine relatives,

and that day is none other than,

Thanksgiving, the day we are all thankful for one another.

Since I wasn’t hosting for my side for Thanksgiving, this allows me to do a few more things.

  1. Get the kids to put up the Christmas tree a day early. They were smart enough to recruit their cousins to do some of the work.img_4971
  2. Cook up a storm.img_4973-1
  3. and…playing with food.img_4975-1

Happy Thanksgiving!


Like last year, this Thanksgiving we volunteered at the Little Brothers. However, this year, besides the two Girls who came along, my sister and her two lil’ ones along with my Mr. Piggy’s cousin’s kids (the Ma’s) joined. So I didn’t get my hands on anything, except busy snapping pictures. Everyone was anxious and eager to help out, especially those who came for the first time. The boys ended up hanging out with the Ma’s the whole day. From volunteering in the morning, then off to visiting elders, lunch, spending time at the playground, and lastly meeting for dinner, they can’t get enough of each other’s company.

Finally, we (including the Ma’s) met up at my in-laws for their annual Thanksgiving feast.


My family’s side of the Thanksgiving celebration! Some were store bought, some were home made, but everything was delicious! Our family doesn’t really have a traditional Thanksgiving feast. We have different themes every year and people bring different things. As you can see, our main course was not the turkey, but the roast pig (baby not included).


I took on the dessert part and made three different desserts for all three generations, although I only took pictures of the two.

Turkey Jello are for the Z-Gens.


For the Y-Gens, I made kiwi banana crepe, which unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures.

For the X-Gens (my sisters and mom), I made the Coconut Pudding in Shell w/ Xueha Paste (椰汁燉雪蛤膏).

Everyone went home happy!



Our Thanksgiving volunteer started our day early. We did this last year, and this year, we went with the Girl and her two older sisters. I am glad my boys woke up early, no complaints and got right into work as soon as we got there.

This year, we visited another couple who, as always, anxious to share with us their life stories.


As usual, off to the inlaws celebrate Thanksgiving with them. They always have their traditional meal with a turkey, ham, a tons of vegetables. It took a long time to roast the turkey so we didn’t eat until close to 9pm. By that time, Mr. Piggy and I didn’t eat much, especially with all the carbs – mashed potatoes and sweet yam puree. I just munch on my salad and a little bit of turkey. I must say, this year’s turkey was one of the best ones I had. Mr. Piggy’s cousin roasted and it was on the spot!


For fun, I also brought a cheese platter:


For my side of the family, we did potluck, as usual. Everyone brought something to the table. My BIL made the best homemade turkey we’ve ever tasted! It was super moist, tender and very tasty! I made my seafood pasta and cranberry apple salad, and of course dessert!

#thankful for my health, my family, my mom’s recovery, my husband, my boys, my lazy girls, my house, my job and to do things I enjoy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.32.31 AMIMG_7273

We’ve been volunteering at this organization for a long time. However, this was our first time volunteering during Thanksgiving. Besides visiting elders, we signed up to help prepping the gifts bags for all the elders. We all got up early and got started right away. The coordinator told us we would be visiting close to 200 elders in the bay area today. After all the prep work were done, we were assigned to visit two senior elders (in same building). We later found out these two seniors were a couple. Boy, the woman’s face lit up (almost like winning the lottery). She welcomed us with opened arms and offered us drinks. She also shared with us her photo albums, her travels, her family and her valuable insights on life. We were all very delighted to have met this couple on this very special day.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.54.48 AM

It’s a tradition we celebrate Thanksgiving with Mr. Piggy’s family on Thursdays. SIL made most of the dishes, yes, including the turkey. Mr. Piggy cooked (or ‘over cooked’) his prime rib. There were plenty of food to go around. Almost everyone carried their tummies out of the door.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.32.45 AM

It’s our tradition to put up the Christmas tree right after the Thanksgiving feast. One is to shed off those Thanksgiving pounds and secondly, is to take advantage of the long weekend. We have had this artificial tree for many years. We spent hours and hours putting up this tree and decorating it. It’s almost one full day worth of work! In the past, I’ve recruited my nieces and nephews to help me with this chore. Of course, now that they’re older, they have more important things on their plate. Luckily, my boys came to the rescue this year!

After a few hours of putting up this tree, I asked my sons if we should get a real tree next year to save some time. Surprisingly, both my boys said no, “we don’t want to waste a tree.” Dai Bee added “Plus, this is much more fun.” They even promised to continue to help putting the tree when I’m 80!

 “Today I am thankful for my elves…”