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Getting ready for a big feast tomorrow (開年飯) with my family. Got the boys to pick up chinese calligraphy brushes to write some CNY greetings. They’ve been so rusty it took them 2 hours to do it.IMG_1818Meanwhile, I spent most of the day prepping for meals. Here I am stuffing the Japanese bean curd to make it a pouch (symbolic to bag of gold).IMG_1819

For chilly weather like this, decided to do something hot for dessert: Double boiled peach gum (桃膠), red dates, dried logan, and lotus seeds (in coconut milk).IMG_1823


Getting ready for a road trip…IMG_0522

Just updated our trip to the backcountry.


After an exciting game this morning, we detoured to the Locke Historic District near Sacramento before heading home. This is an unincorporated area built by Chinese immigrants during the early 1900’s. We stopped by the visitor center (also known as the boarding house) and found out the town is named Locke, after George Locke, who owned the land. He leased to the Chinese, at a time when Chinese people were not allowed to own land. All the museums are free and let us roam around. The attractions include besides the visitor’s center: a Chinese language school, a museum, a memorial garden, a gambling hall, a theatre, and a meeting place (even had a round of Chinese chess), all within walking distance.  There was a calligraphy lesson in the Chinese school, so we sat down and practiced.

The whole district consisted of 2 main blocks, so it was a nice stroll. Locke is certainly unique with rustic charm and surrounded with “lost in time” feel. Happy we decided the detour for this opportunity to learn about the rich history of Chinese immigrants. It’s definitely worth the visit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.45.19 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.45.28 AM

From the website: Locke is the only remaining authentic Chinese village in the United States of America. Although many cities in America have a Chinatown, Locke is the only separate Chinese community that was built by, and exclusively for, Chinese immigrants. Locke was virtually unknown outside of California until a book entitled “Bitter Melon” by Jeff Gillenkirk with photographs by James Motlow was published.  At one time, 600 residents, all of whom were Chinese, lived in this three square block community. Now the permanent population of the town is less than 100, and less than a dozen of the residents are Chinese. The origin of the Chinese town of Locke dates back to 1915 when a fire in the neighboring town of Walnut Grove destroyed the city’s Chinatown. Locke was established by Lee Bing, on land owned by George Locke in 1915. There were two sections in the Walnut Grove Chinatown, one of which was populated by Chinese immigrants from Chungshan (中山) and the other by immigrants from Sze Yap in China. The Chungshan group decided to rebuild their community a half mile south of Walnut Grove where there were already three buildings in a tiny hamlet called Lockeport.

This weekend, we took a short vacation to Sacramento – for Ah Lo’s basketball games. We drove early on Saturday for our early game @ 9am. We played two games today (both of which we lost) and a consolation game tomorrow. The first game, the boys didn’t wake up until the last two quarters. After the game, we checked into our hotel (Ramada Inn). Ah Lo and his teammates bonded with many rounds of computer video games. We had dinner (sushi @ Manna) and off to some lasertag fun. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to do the laser tag (because we had to wait an hour for the earlier group to finish). So the boys ended up playing some arcade and we called it a night.


InstaTen…10 things currently happening or have happened, Instagram style.


  1. Golfing with the cousins in Cancun.
  2.  Another chore to add onto Dai Bee’s list.
  3. Boys at a Math School’s open house.
  4. No more bunks.
  5. Trip to Chichen Itsa.
  6. At the Pancreatic Cancer Walk, with cousins.
  7. Dentist checkup (Ah Lo, and two baby teeth extractions).
  8. Dentist checkup (Dai Bee).
  9. Boys helping out on father’s day.
  10. First time boys are taking the bus to school on their own.

Just updated our trip to East Coast.


Just updated my travels blog on our recent trip to Washington DC.


Just updated my travels blog on our recent side trip to Taipei.



Just updated our weekend getaway to Tahoe.