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Now that I have chiropractor appointments during lunch time, I don’t spend time running to chinatown buying groceries. Therefore, I’m going with what’s easy (store bought pesto sauce) on our meatless Monday meals.IMG_3576


The trick of getting my boys, especially the picky eater to eat is to put everything on a plate/bowl. My boys have been trained (since they were very little) not to waste any food. When they have it all on their plate, they’ll finish it. These are the vegetables the boys are not big fans of, especially the edamame, but they cleared the bowl. IMG_2974

For our meatless Monday meal, we have orzo with roasted vegetables: roasted red bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, button mushrooms, corn and cherry tomatoes. Didn’t even need any dressing because everything was already flavorful.IMG_2817

Ah Lo saw me with a pineapple when I came home. He asked what was for dinner, and I told him “pineapple.” He laughed and said, “seriously, what are we having for dinner?”

A couple of days ago, a friend gave me some cooked beans. So I was looking for recipes online what to do with it. There were tons, but nothing stood out to me. So, today I bought 3 ears of corn, a pineapple (just used a quarter of it here), and 2 avocados and mix it all up. Last minute I decided to add some couscous (knowing how my boys are eating machines). Luckily I did that, because they cleared everything!

Trying out a new chili recipe with roasted sweet potatoes. There were some leftover couscous I tossed in as well. This pot is full of flavors – red onions, green bell peppers, corn, organic pinto beans (from TJ), fresh tomatoes, carrots, roasted sweet potatoes and couscous. I added some heat by sprinkling some chili peppers to it. Surprisingly, my picky eater said it wasn’t so bad. He finished the whole bowl without much complaints. IMG_2100

Thanks to my sister for offering us some kale and radishes as an add ons to the butternut squash soup on our meatless Monday. I was only thinking of making soup for tonight, but decided later to add kale apple quinoa salad. I made my own honey mustard dressing to go with the salad. Dai Bee, who was hesitant about the salad, cleared out the bowl. IMG_E1945IMG_1944IMG_E1941

After a long road trip, this is the best way to detox. Plus, I normally get lazy after traveling. This will have to do for tonight.IMG_1805

Meatless Mondays: serving roasted brussel sprouts salad today.  Absolutely divine, though not everyone thinks so *wink*. Seriously I can eat this every day…IMG_2035

Kudos to Zoodles! With homemade avocado pesto – meatless Mondays just can’t get better than this. Absolutely scrumptious!IMG_1509 2I tried making zoodles before, but didn’t have the right tool for it.  This time I borrowed the “veggetti” from my sister to test it out. I had Dai Bee spiralize the zucchinis one day before. I used paper towel to wrap zoodles so it soaks up any liquid. Place them in the fridge.IMG_1492I came home and made the avocado pesto. This makes it a quick and easy weeknight meal. In a food processor, 2 medium sized avocados, handful of basil, lemon, garlic, pistachio nuts, and salt (to taste). Make sure to add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water before pulsing.IMG_1507



The dish that looks like a brain is made with fresh tofu skin.I had it in a restaurant and was mesmerized how great it looks and tastes. It’s basically a vegetarian dish filled with well – vegetables. For my dish, I diced up chayote, mushrooms, carrots, napa cabbage and celery. Stir fry it first and then steam it with the skin on top. I’m not sure if that’s how’s made (can’t find recipes online), but it was good enough for dinner at home!IMG_1419IMG_1421